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The Future.
It is mysterious, looming, full of possibility.
To understand the future, and to create it, we ask three questions: What is probable? What is possible? What is preferred?

Explore the future in these Video Features and Interviews Produced by on a range of future topics.

Future of Jobs with Futurist Glen Hiemstra

Glen talks about the future of jobs in a changing economy.

Futurist Outlook 2011

Futurist speaker Glen Hiemstra discusses some forecasts for 2011. Read the written version with more detail here.

What Comes After the Great Recession

Futurist speaker Glen Hiemstra discusses what comes after the economic meltdown, in this interview by Brenda Cooper. He also looks at future issues that keep him up at night, and the nature of optimism.

Recorded in March 2009

The Nanobattery Car

After a visit and test drive at Altairnano, Glen recorded this short video clip – the car of the future?

Interview with Jim Kunstler in 2008: World Made by Hand

This May 2008 interview with Mr. Kunstler, one of the most provocative of American thinkers writing today, is eye-opening in its preview of the coming economic and energy crisis.

Future of Sustainable Housing: Inhabit Small House Project

In 2008 a joint venture of Unico Properties, Mithun Architects, and Hybrid-Seattle Architects designed and built a demonstration project for a small, sustainable house – the inHabit project. We had a chance to visit, and tour the project with a lead project designer, Tammie Schacher. There are 4-parts to the video. TV – Future of Urban Living and Building. Part 1 TV – Future of Urban Living and Building Part 2 TV – Future of Urban Living and Building Part 3 TV – Future of Urban Living and Building Part 4

Future of the Future

This series of 9 short videos explores a variety of topics. Recorded in 2007, the videos can be seen at Youtube, and provide a nice guage on whether the future has unfolded as we thought that it might back in 2007.

To View Future of the Future topics full size at YouTube/FuturistSpeaker, select below:
Future of Energy
Future of the Flying Car
Future of the Knowledge-Based Economy
Future of the Global Climate Crisis
Future of Water
Future of Nanotechnology
Future of Religion
Future of Robotics
Future of the Online Community

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