The future.
Freedom means being able to participate in the creation of your own future.
In order to participate, you have to see the events, trends, and developments.
And you have to be able to decide.

Glen Hiemstra is often invited to appear on media programs for interviews, which are posted on the Web. Here is a sample.

Glen also has the opportunity occasionally to interview intriguing people who are shaping the future and here is a sample of these interviews.

Video and Podcast Interviews of Glen

Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation Transportation Summit

Glen Hiemstra is interviewed, along with others, in this highlight video of the Transportation Summit in St. Cloud Minnesota that Glen Keynoted.

Interview of Glen Hiemstra by Susan Hoffman: Future of Atlanta

Glen Hiemstra is interviewed by Susan Hoffman for the Atlanta Regional Commission, as part of the ARC program launch of “50 Forward.” He discusses the future of the Atlanta region and housing, aging and environment. Recorded in late 2007, the interview anticipates today’s issues. Used with the permission of the Atlanta Regional Commission.

How to See the Future – Podcast with Popular Mechanics

Glen Hiemstra is interviewed by Popular Mechanics for their series How the World Works. The 30-minute podcast is here.

Drug Store News

In this podcast interview, Glen talks about finding food and drug stores as cities change into more walkable cities.

Interview of Glen Hiemstra on CNBC Africa

While Glen was at SAS in South Africa in September, 2012, SAS arranged a number of media appearances, including this interview on CNBC Africa.

Interview of Glen Hiemstra on Bloomberg TV

Glen Hiemstra is interviewed by Lisa Murphy about the future of employment on Bloomberg TV’s Fast Forward with Lisa Murphy on Friday, November 5, 2010.

Glen Interviews Interesting People about the Future

Glen Interviews James Howard Kunstler in 2008: World Made by Hand

This May 2008 interview with Mr. Kunstler, one of the most provocative of American thinkers writing today, is eye-opening in its preview of the coming economic and energy crisis.

Glen Hiemstra, with James Howard Kunstler, Author of "World Made by Hand" from Glen Hiemstra on Vimeo.

2007 FIRE Conference – Glen Interviews Kim Stanley Robinson – Video

The Stategic News Service annual conference, FiRe (Future In Review) is a must-attend event. Here is video of Glen’s on-stage interview with science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson. Kim Stanley Robinson was sharp and to the point in discussing his so called “Science in the capital” 3-novel series, which raises important warnings about the near term impact of severe climate change.

2006 FIRE Conference – Glen Interviews Vernor Vinge – Video

The Strategic News Service annual conference, FiRe (Future In Review) is a must-attend event. Here is video of Glen’s on-stage interview with science fiction author Vernor Vinge the conference. FiRe conferences explore technology and other issues looking at the next 3-5 years. This particular session is all about looking “even further” into the future, and it was a treat to learn some of Vernor’s ideas.

Podcast Interviews of Glen

Corporate Watchdog Radio: Envisioning the Future of Sustainability

It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future. Yogi Berra said that. He also said, the future ain’t what it used to be. For Glen Hiemstra, the future holds the key to current planning. In his book, Turning the Future into Revenue, he argues that the planning horizon should stretch out for several decades in order to meet the sustainability challenges we face right now.

Listen to this interview from in a new window. (Glen’s segment starts at 4:11)

Fireside Chat: Glen Hiemstra on his Book

Glen Hiemstra discusses his book Turning the Future Into Revenue, and being a futurist, in this 32-minute podcast.
This interview is conducted by Lisa Haneberg, host of Management Craft. Also available as a downloadable MP3 and on
Fireside Chat

Webtalk Guys Radio Show

[These historic interviews are currently off-line.]
April 2004: Wearing The Net On Your Sleeve

April 2001: Your Portal To The Net’s Future

Besides the fact that everything you talked about for the show gave me chills of anticipation and considering a career change to auto mechanic so I can have one of those baseball hat laser reflectors, I also really dug that you were advisor to “Century City”. That was a great two episodes!
Dana Greenlee, Producer

Thank you again for the great interview. We had quite a number of visits to the live show today – second only (this year) to The Lone Gunmen interview we did in March.
Dana Greenlee, Producer

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