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Once you hear Glen Hiemstra speak, the future will never look the same.

Glen Hiemstra, futurist speaker, Founder of Futurist.com, author, blogger, has been listening to the future professionally for four decades. Glen’s popular keynote speeches examine the important events, trends and developments that are shaping the future, with a particular emphasis on how we can create the future we prefer. Here are examples of full speeches and selected excerpts.

Organization Change and Global Shipping – Transas Annual Global Shipping Conference, Vancouver BC

Glen Hiemstra, founder of Futurist.com, delivered a keynote to the Transas Global 2018 Conference in Vancouver BC. This excerpt is focused on organizational change – how do you get from seeing the future to doing something about it? The conference is about global shipping.

Shaping The future and Health Care – Lundbeck Global Commerce Conference, Copenhagen

Glen Hiemstra, Founder and CEO of Futurist.com, delivers keynote speech for the Lundbeck Global Commerce Conference, in Copenhagen. Lunckbeck is a leading global pharmaceutical company focused on disorders of the brain and the central nervous system. Glen addresses the role of transformational leadership in creating the future as he discusses future trends in technology, global demographics and economics, and trends in health care and medicine.

Shaping The future for Energy and Transportation Landmark Innovation Forum & Expo

Glen Hiemstra, Founder and CEO of Futurist.com, delivers keynote speech for Landmark Solutions Innovation Forum. Landmark, a Halliburton business line, is the leading technology solutions provider of data and analytics, science, software, and services for the exploration and development of energy. Glen addresses energy, transportation, technology, environment, and more.

Beyond 2020: The Shape of Things at Seattle Interactive Conference

Glen Hiemstra, Founder and CEO of Futurist.com, takes us over the horizon into the world of the future. Are we ready to build a preferred future? Let’s imagine that the issues of transparency, privacy, data security, openness and information ownership have been solved more or less satisfactorily by 2020.

Glen Hiemstra Keynotes Cox Automotive & Communications Research Summit

Glen’s speech to the Cox Automotive which operates a wide variety of brands related to the sale and resale of automobile, from Kelly Blue Book to Dealers.com.

Glen Hiemstra keynote speech for SAS Analytics Africa-Middle East Conference in Johannesburg South Africa. This excerpt highlights the principle that our image of the future is key.

Glen Hiemstra keynote speech to the Sonae annual Innovations Award Event in Portugal.

Why Explore the Future: Excerpt from Glen Hiemstra’s Keynote speech to Buhler, Inc.

This is an excerpt from the Keynote speech Glen gave at Buhler’s 150th anniversary celebration.

Food Security: Excerpt from Glen Hiemstra’s Keynote speech to Buhler, Inc.

This excerpt on Food Security is from the Keynote speech Glen gave at Buhler’s 150th anniversary celebration.

Future Trends and Philanthropy: Red Cross 125th Anniversary

I am often asked, how accurate are you in anticipating the future? In this clip from a 2006 Keynote for the American Red Cross 125th Anniversary celebration, I outline five trends that will shape the future. These include demographics, philanthropic giving, communications and technology, public agencies and debt, and global warming leading to wild weather. Note especially how I was anticipating the impact of public debt, and the growing wealth gap and what they would mean, two years before the economic collapse of 2008 and five years before they became all the talk in the media.

Glen Hiemstra’s keynote speech to the annual convention of ACE Hardware franchise owners.

Future of Transportation: Glen Hiemstra at Texas Transportation Forum

Glen presents the future of transportation at the 8th Annual Texas Transportation Forum in Austin, TX. The panel discussion includes Co-Moderator Congressman Michael C. Burgess, and Michael E. Cline, Ph.D. from Rice University. More about the event can be found here: txdot.gov/ttf/.

Glen Hiemstra Keynote to the Virginia Cable Telecommunications Association conference

Glen’s keynote for the annual Virginia Cable Telecom conference.

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