Anne Boysen, M.S. Strategic Foresight

Anne Boysen, M.S. Strategic Foresight

Anne is a futurist, data analyst and generational expert. Born in Oslo, Norway, Anne’s career straddles both continents, and she analyzes change and driving forces from an international perspective. Education in Political Science and Geography (University of Oslo), Strategic Foresight (University of Houston) and Business Analytics (Penn State University) has given her a unique, data driven framework to envision what comes next. She has helped a number of for-profits as well as not-for-profit organisations envision what’s lurking around the corner, providing advice grounded in rigorous research and conducting large quantitative studies to help connect the dots.

Over the years she has developed unique approaches using data mining and machine learning techniques together with strategic foresight to better understand social change, specifically for documenting emerging trends with our younger generations. While predicting the future is not possible, quantifying ways to understand social change can give us an inkling of what ‘s ahead. Anne has documented some of these insights for over 10 years with published articles and in hundreds of blog posts on Generation Z. 

Anne’s greatest passion is sharing these insights with audiences in keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops and webinars with audiences around the world. Anne’s knowledge in data analytics also brought her to her current position as a Quality Engineer at Google via Qualitest. Her research has been covered by news sources such as BBC Capital, El Pais, Deutsche Welle, and Ad Age.

Common themes for Anne’s speeches usually revolve around Generational Change and how it relates to changing CX, new trends in Machine Learning/ AI, and the human – machine context: How humans are coevolving with technology.

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