Think Tank Think Tank

The Think Tank, curated by Glen Hiemstra, is a collaboration of highly talented people each of whom has a special focus on the future. Each is available to fulfill keynote speaking and seminar requests that we receive at, from a wide variety of industries, associations, and agencies.

To book Founder Glen Hiemstra or another Think Tank speaker for your event or enterprise contact us here.

We also collaborate from time to time, in various appropriate combinations, on larger projects for selected clients. These collaborations include:

  • Conducting a special conference event exploring the future that we call the Think Tank.
  • Produce research reports on future trends or scenarios under contract to specific clients.
  • Produce contract writing projects such as columns, articles and special pieces for publication.
  • Consulting to intensive, long-term strategic planning projects and teams.
  • Consulting to communities working on community vision, sustainability, and resilience.

Contact us for more information.

Think Tank Experts

Glen Hiemstra, Founder & CEO

Glen Hiemstra, Founder and CEO of, curator of the Think Tank Group, is an inspiring and deeply experienced voice among futurists. An internationally acclaimed expert on long range trends and creating the preferred future, Glen has advised professional, business, and governmental organizations for...

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Bronwyn Williams

Bronwyn Williams is a Futurist, Economist and Business Trends Analyst. Bronwyn, from Johannesburg, South Africa has a background which includes experience in strategic management, trend research and foresight; consulting to clients in the public and private sector across the African continent. Her educational credentials...

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Nikolas Badminton

Nikolas Badminton is a renowned international futurist, researcher, and media producer. He helps trillion-dollar companies, progressive governments and the media shift their mindset from “what is” to “WHAT IF…” The result is empowered employees, new innovative products and incredible growth that leads to more...

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Anne Boysen, M.S. Strategic Foresight

Anne Boysen is a professional futurist with an M.S. in Strategic Foresight from the University of Houston and Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics, and extensive training in data mining and predictive modeling from Colorado State and Penn State universities. Anne has been interviewed and...

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Richard Yonck, Author, Futurist, Speaker & Consultant

Richard Yonck is the highly acclaimed author of two best-sellers about the future of artificial intelligence. FUTURE MINDS looks at the many ways our world is becoming more and differently intelligent. Readers have called it “A mega-comprehensive outlook at intelligence as convincing as it...

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Dr. Cindy Frewen, FAIA

Dr Cindy Frewen, FAIA, urban futurist and architect, teaches the Design Futures Workshop and Social Change at the University of Houston graduate program in Strategic Foresight. In addition, she consults, speaks, and writes on the future of cities and design futures, specializing in the...

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Ramez Naam

Ramez Naam is a former Microsoft executive, an entrpreneur, and the co-Chair for Energy and Environment at Singularity University. He’s also the award winning author of five books, including the Nexus trilogy of science fiction novels. Ramez spent 13 years at Microsoft, where he led teams...

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Brenda Cooper

Brenda Cooper is a writer, a technology professional, and a futurist. Brenda writes science fiction, fantasy, poetry, and non-fiction. Two of her novels, The Silver Ship and the Sea and Wilders, have won the Endeavour Award for the best science fiction or fantasy book...

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Jared Nichols

Jared Nichols is a futurist, advisor, and faculty member at the University of Tennessee’s Haslam College of Business, in Graduate and Executive Education. He teaches leaders, teams, and individuals, how to think like futurists so they can create the best future for themselves and...

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Robert Jacobson, Ph.D.

Bob Jacobson’s professional think-tank practice is a hybrid combining futuristics with innovation management. “The two are symbiotic,” he explains. “Future awareness creates a need for innovative responses to emerging challenges. Environmental scanning, trend analysis, and prediction markets are each a useful tool for generating...

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