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Millennial City: How a New Generation Can Save the Future
By Glen Hiemstra

This book is about cities and young people and how their future is bound up together. In the way that we envision and build and modify and retrofit the cities of the future we can unlock the mystery of whether we are, quite literally, going to make it or not. Canadian sustainability futurist and expert Dennis Walsh, and American futurist and Founder of Glen Hiemstra observe that our great human migration to urban areas continues, and that city life is especially attractive to the youth of today. The vitality and promise of the Millennial Generation and those who will follow is not lost on cities, which compete aggressively to attract them to live and work in metro areas.
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Turning the Future Into Revenue: What Businesses and Individuals Need to Know to Shape Their Futures
By Glen Hiemstra

Author Note: This book was published in 2006 by Wiley & Sons. They took it out of print in 2012, and the copyright reverted to me. What I did not know at the time was that Wiley would pull the book from Amazon and other electronic formats as well. So, you can find many used copies on Amazon, but otherwise you have to wait a bit. I am in the process of writing an updated version, and when it comes out later in 2013 it will carry a new and more accurate title, probably Choosing Our Preferred Future. You can also write to us here and ask for a new copy – we have a few left at $10 each.

“A tour de force . . . Hiemstra displays an impressive store of knowledge, analytical acumen, and imagination.” – Boston Globe

“Both practical and visionary.” – The Futurist Magazine

“Rewarding reading.” – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“I just finished your book Turning the Future into Revenue. Lots to think about and great tools. Thanks!”
– Renee G.

In business, it always helps to know what’s coming. How can you take advantage of the business opportunities of tomorrow if you aren’t planning for that tomorrow today?

In Turning the Future into Revenue, noted futurist and business consultant Glen Hiemstra explores the global changes that will revolutionize business and reveals the ways individuals and organizations can profit from those coming developments. Surprising demographic shifts, energy shortages, new technologies, environmental changes, and issues of race and religion will change the way we live. They will also lead to new and exciting business opportunities. Only those who foresee those opportunities will be in a position to take advantage of them.

Note: Turning the Future Into Revenue is out of print and not currently on Kindle. While we wait for an edition to come back to Kindle, you can locate used copies at, and you can also find the full book at Google Books.

Strategic Leadership: Achieving Your Preferred Future, 3rd Edition
by Bill Hainer and Glen Hiemstra

This is a leaders handbook for planning and implementing a preferred future within an organization or enterprise. For a time it was used as one of the texts in a Masters in Educational Leadership program. Written to briefly explain each planning concept and then to suggest possible applications, the book provides a step-by-step guide for leaders. The book is available as a CD, in .PDF format, and there is also a Kindle Version. The table of contents can be searched interactively in this format. Original versions of the Three Cone Model and activities for planning can be found here. Read from the CD, or print out when you wish, or choose the Kindle version.

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