Example Projects

Examples of Long-Range Futuring Projects and Programs

When The Boeing Company celebrated its 100-Year Anniversary, Futurist.com was retained to create a “Next 100 Years” symposium/retreat event for key Boeing leaders. We designed and convened a 3-day retreat of about 25 key Boeing leaders along with a dozen external academic and industry experts and science fiction writers. We explored the next 100 years in aerospace, transportation, space, defense, and manufacturing. A report to the CEO and senior management about strategic opportunities was prepared with an emphasis on developments to learn about, to prepare for, and to act on in the nearer term.

Saint Gobain. For this international building and construction materials company, we developed and taught a multi-day experiential program on Scenario Planning for classes of high-potential young managers. When they presented their scenarios to the company executive council, the scenario work was so well received that Futurist.com was then retained to lead several divisions in long-range planning retreats. In addition, Glen Hiemstra was invited to keynote the company annual technology conference.

Avalon Bay Communities. This equity REIT that develops distinctive apartment communities across the United States retained Glen Hiemstra and Futurist.com to lead both a multi-day management retreat and a subsequent Board retreat to explore long-term future trends of importance to their business and to propose strategic priorities to be considered.

Illumina. This genetic sequencing and biotech company retained Futurist.com and Glen Hiemstra to lead a series of product sector groups in exploring the long-term future, recommending preferred future images for the company 20 years into the future.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Worked with the Pacific Ocean Division in a week-long strategic planning event with senior leaders focused on redesign of the future mission and strategic objectives of the Division. Worked with the Savannah District in two multi-day sessions, one preparing future leaders, and one focused on redesign of the future mission and strategic objectives of the District as the Corps undergoes change in the coming years.

The Home Depot. Conducted executive briefings for the CEO and core management team, and full-day long-range futuring sessions for the annual executive development program.

National Academy of Sciences. When a group within the Academy wanted to explore the data intensive science needs that will accompany a move to a smart electrical grid in the U.S. they asked Glen Hiemstra to conduct a three-day workshop. Stakeholders from around the country and from various fields gathered on the Microsoft campus to develop guidance on the data intensive scientific research that will be needed to build the smart grid.

Recreational Equipment Incorporated (REI). Worked with this international retailer of outdoor and recreational equipment to envision a new future for retail in a long-range planning workshop, and also addressed their annual leadership conference in a keynote address.

Mass Mutual. Assisted a planning team through a series of workshops to explore and envision the future of human resources and the office work culture for this company.

Edison Electric Institute. When this national organization of providers of electrical energy wanted to develop alternate scenarios of pathways to a smart grid in the United States, we developed a series of national workshops of stakeholders to develop the material for the future scenarios.

Hawkeye College. Worked with this Iowa community and technical college over a period of an academic year to assist the entire campus community in the development of a new vision or mantra, and a new strategic plan.

Idaho Transportation Department. Developed a study and report on the intersection of transportation and the future economy in the state of Idaho, looking at the next two decades out to the year 2030.

GHD of Australia. Worked over a period of several months with a Board & Management committee of this international engineering services firm on long range planning. The task was to develop an environmental scan of key changes impacting the company in the coming decade.

Land O Lakes, Inc. When the recently combined four companies that now comprise Land O Lakes, Inc. gathered the marketing teams for the first time, Glen Hiemstra led part of the 2-day gathering, providing a keynote on future trends related to marketing, and leading teams on a quick environmental scanning and scenario development process to identify strategic opportunities in marketing.

Lakeview Medical Center and Marshfield Clinic. When these recently merged health care providers in Wisconsin gathered for the first board strategic planning retreat, Glen Hiemstra led the day-long session looking at future trends and opportunities, and developing preliminary ideas for strategic initiatives.

ASFE: The Geoprofessional Business Association. Led the Emerging Issues and Trends Committee on a two-day futuring retreat to identify future trends and strategic opportunities and challenges for ASFE.

ACUHO-I: Association of College and University Housing Officials International – In support of the ACUHO-I initiative to envision 21st century university housing, Glen Hiemstra helped lead an initial design Charrette of 100 stakeholders who outlined criteria for university housing design out to the year 2030. Following two annual rounds of design competitions, Glen was asked to keynote a design competition conference addressing sustainability.

AASHTO: Transportation Vision and Strategy for the 21st Century Summit. In support of the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission, appointed by the President and by Congress, AASHTO invited 150 national leaders to a summit on May 21-23, 2007. The purpose of the summit was to develop suggested ideas for inclusion in the Commission report to Congress regarding surface transportation policy out to 2050, a report due early in 2008 prior to the next transportation bill. Glen Hiemstra was a lead consultant to AASHTO on the design of this vision summit and was the lead facilitator of the summit. Glen Hiemstra also presented a keynote on long term future trends related to surface transportation.

John Deere Inc.: Visions for 2020 – The Division of Consumer and Commercial Landscape products wished to develop a long-term view of the future as part of the regular strategic planning cycle in March 2007. This $2.5 billion division deals with products that go to homeowners, commercial landscapers, golf course, government agencies such as transportation departments, and others. The task was to design and lead six one-day long range vision sessions for six groups, in the U.S. and in Germany (for the global team). Each session explored future trends based on extensive prior research and then developed a picture of customers, products, services and channels in 2020. The picture consisted both of words and a visual representation created by a commercial artist. The results became input to the larger corporate strategic planning process.

Atlanta Regional Commission: Fifty Forward – The ARC kicked off a new project to look at the Atlanta region over the next fifty years, a project called Fifty Forward. (This project reprised a 1990’s project on which I assisted the ARC, Atlanta Vision 2020.) Glen Hiemstra led a day-long retreat with the Board and leadership team of ARC during which they conceptualized the project, delivered the keynote on long-range futuring at the Fifty Forward kickoff event, and taped a television interview on key driving forces shaping the future of the Atlanta region.

The Boeing Company. Boeing regularly brings Chinese airline and air traffic executives and officials to the U.S. for executive education. Over several classes and several years, Boeing retained Glen Hiemstra to lead the Chinese in a day of discussion of long term trends and the skills for strategic leadership.

Michigan DOT: Long Range Strategic Plan. As a sub-contractor to Wilbur Smith on this large-scale, long-range strategic planning project, Glen Hiemstra assisted in the design of public involvement sessions seeking input on future trends and long range vision. Glen also assisted in the facilitation of these stakeholder workshops, assisted in the design and facilitation of advisory group sessions, developed and wrote long-range scenarios for 2030, and led the MDOT executive team in evaluating the scenarios and recommending long term vision.

Grainger, Inc. Led the Employee Development and Organizational Development team in a day of long-range futuring and vision development as they reorganized.

FHWA: National Think Tanks on Advanced Research – In 2005 the FHWA Office of Corporate Research & Technology conducted three two-day think tanks or forums, in Boston, Minneapolis, and Berkeley, to develop and recommend an advanced research agenda for the FHWA. Glen Hiemstra worked as a lead consultant with the Volpe Research Center to design the three think tanks. Glen acted as the think tank facilitator for each summit, provided a presentation on future trends, and composed the final report on each think tank as well as a final summary report. The report was presented to a committee of the National Academy of Sciences as well as to the FHWA.

Idaho DOT: Long Range Planning for 2030 – As a subcontractor to CH2M Hill, Glen Hiemstra worked on the Idaho DOT 30-year vision. Glen also wrote and produced a short film looking back and looking ahead thirty years and helped to design and run Futures Search events.

INCOG: Tulsa 2025, Regional Vision Summit. The Council of Governments in the Tulsa region coordinated a day-long regional summit on a vision for Tulsa that became the Tulsa 2025 Project. Over 1,000 people participated in this interactive futures summit which I helped to design and in which I delivered the opening keynote.

USDOT: 20-Year Vision for U.S./Mexico Border The Joint Working Committee on the U.S./Mexican Border developed a 20-year vision for U.S.-Mexico Border transportation. Glen Hiemstra designed and conducted a two-day vision development workshop using scenario planning and preferred future planning techniques.

USDOT/NASA: Transportation 2050 Project. In 2000, USDOT working with NASA convened several regional workshops of futurists, NASA and DOT researchers, and guests to develop a 50-year vision for transportation in the U.S. The conferences were coordinated by the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center. Glen Hiemstra was asked to help design and then to keynote and facilitate the workshop held on the West Coast.

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