2018 Speaking Schedule Futurist Glen Hiemstra

Dates Location Details
February 13 San Antonio, TX

Context Network Global Development Annual Meeting

February 18 Yakima, WA

Solarity Credit Union All-Staff Training

March 7 Vancouver, BC

Transas Global Conference 2018

March 10 Cambridge, MA

MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative, “Beyond the Cradle 2018” Conference, Envisioning a New Space Age

March 14 Seattle-Renton WA

Smart Meeting Northwest, Keynote.

April 10-11 Charlotte, NC

American Credit Acceptance Leadership Strategy Retreat

April 12 Chapel Hill, NC

2018 UNC Real Estate Conference, Opening Speaker

April 19-25 Unavailable
May 8 Palo Alto

KornFerry Executive Training for HP Senior Leaders

May 17-20 Unavailable
June 15-17 Unavailalble
July 5- 13 Unavailable
August 5-10 Unavailable
August 26-30 Unavailable
Sep 15-16 Unavailable
Sep 17-19 Unavailable
Oct 5 Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville Infrastructure Innovation Summit, keynote

Oct 9 Irvine, CA

FEPOC Conference Keynote for Blue Cross Association member companies

Oct 9-12 Park City

Future In Review 2018 Conference

Oct 16 Spartanburg SC

Strategic Planning Workshop for Johnson Mgt LLC

Oct 17 Spartanburg SC

Strategic Planning Workshop for American Credit Acceptance

Oct 25 Seattle

Family and Closely Held Business Summit Keynote & Workshop for GSB Law

Nov 6 Seoul, Korea (Incheon)

Keynote: POSCO Global EVI Forum 2018

Nov 30 Irvine, CA

Closing Keynote: Thales USA, Inc. Intrapreneur Week

Dec 3 San Diego, CA

Consultation – Illumina Vision Workshop

Dec 4 Sacramento, CA

Woodland Community College Regional Innovation Conference, a Big Speak Agency event

Dec 6 Shelton, WA

Keynote, Regional Economic Forecast & Expo 2018