2017 Speaking Schedule Futurist Glen Hiemstra

Dates Location Details
January 18 London

Brookfield Global Relocation Services

January 15-22 London Trip
January 31 San Antonio, TX

Boeing Executive Leadership Conference

February 8-9 Seattle

Future of Mobility Program, Toyota

February 10-15 Unavailable


February 23 Seattle

UBS All Staff Day, Keynote

February 28 Seattle

Boeing Company Environment, Health & Safety Managers

March 1 Chicago

Brookfield Global Relocation Services

March 8 San Mateo, CA

Franklin Templeton Investments, A BigSpeak Event

March 24 Redmond, WA

Microsoft Digital Advisors – How to think like a futurist

April 11 St. Cloud, MN

Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation Transportation Forum

April 12 Omaha, NE

Union Pacific Railroad Legal Office annual meeting

April 24 McCall, Idaho

Greater Boise Chamber of Commerce Annual Retreat, Keynote

June 28-July 10 Unavailable

Mexico, Oregon

July 13 New York

Leadership Team Keynote, Hodes Weill & Associates

July 25 Raleigh, NC

Board Retreat Facilitation, VHB Engineers | Scientists? | Planners | Designers

July 27-30 Seattle

Association of Professional Futurists Seattle Gathering

August 10 Coeur d"Alene, ID

Keynote Northwest Credit Union Association Leaderhsip Conference

August 18-22 Unavailable

Oregon, Washington

August 27-31 Unavailable

Oregon, Washington

Sep 13-26 Unavailable


September 27 Amsterdam

Keynote – KPMG 2017 EMA Tax Summit, an A-Speakers Event

Hold: Oct 10 Palm Desert CA

Inc 5000 Conference

Oct 17 Spartenburg, SC

Workshop with Johnson Management LLC

HOLD: Oct 19 Chicago

Old World Industries Marketing Conference

November 8 Seattle

CleanTech Alliance 10th Anniversary

Dec 12-30 Unavailable