2016 Speaking Schedule Futurist Glen Hiemstra

Dates Location Details
January 20 Singapore

Lundbeck, China Keynote

February 21-23 Barcelona, Spain

World Mobile Congress for Huawei, Consulting

March 10 Seattle, WA

Western Energy Institute Spring Energy Symposium Keynote

March 22 San Bruno, CA

Pivot Leadership Management Training, Workshop for Global eCommerce

April 5 Tucson, AZ

Simpleview Summit, A Keppler Speakers Bureau event, Keynote

April 12 Malaga, Spaing

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd., Keynote via Skype video

April 12 Waltham, MA

VHB Engineering Stockholders Meeting, Workshop

April 13 Seattle, WA

Boeing Supplier of the Year Annual Event, Keynote

April 26-28 Los Angeles

Boeing Next 100 Years Summit, Workshop Facilitation

May 17-19 Washington DC

Attend and report on Humans to Mars Summit 2016

June 4-5 The Gorge, WA

Verity Credit Union Board, Presentation

June 7-12 Unavailable
June 16 Monterrey Mexico

Sigma-Alimentos, an Alfa Company, Strategic Thinking Keynote and Workshop

August 12-14 Unavailable
August 15 Tacoma, Wa

Keynote for 2016 Small Business Lending Forum, Orion First

August 16 Unavailable
August 23-24 Washington DC

Avalon Communities Executive Retreat

Sep 3-6 Unavailable
Sep 8-11 Unavailable
September 13-15 Beverly Hills, CA

Avalon Communities Board Meeting, presentation and facilitation

September 23 Mesa, AZ

Destination Marketing Association of the West Keynote

September 27-30 Park City, UT

Future In Review Annual Conference

October 3-4 Arlington, TX

Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau, and city, Garrett Speakers Event, Keynote and consulting

October 6 Houston, TX

DHL Annual Energy Conference, Keynote

October 13 New Orleans, LA

American Railroad Association – Chief Legal Officers Conference

October 20 Baltimore, MD

Sovos Compliance, Keynote, GDA Speakers event, Keynote

November 10 New York

A GDASpeaker event

December 1 Seattle

Boeing Company Health & Safety