2010 Speaking Schedule Futurist Glen Hiemstra

Notes on availability:

  • If you are working with any Speaker Bureau, that bureau can book Glen.
  • Dates with city and event listed are firm, but additional events in that city may be possible on same day.
  • Dates on HOLD are available for second hold; please call to see if the date can be released for your event.
  • On some dates I am in a city but not doing an event; these are marked (time available) if an event can be booked on that date in that city.
Dates Location Details
Jan. 6-8 San Francisco Bay Area Consulting
Jan. 11 Seattle, Washington University of Washington, MBA class
Jan. 14 Portland, Oregon Nike, Jordan Marketing Team
Feb. 4 Seattle Smart Growth Conference
Feb. 9 Corvallis, Oregon NW Transportation Conference
Feb. 15-19 Aukland, New Zealand, GHD, Consulting
Feb. 25-26 New York The Conference Board, Employee Health Conference
Mar. 5 Waterloo Iowa Hawkeye Community College
Mar. 10-12 Hilton Head, SC U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah
Mar. 19 Branson, Missouri Transportation Engineers Association of Missouri
Mar. 25-26 San Diego, California The Conference Board, Employee Health Conference
Apr. 10-15 Kuala Lumpur GHD, Consulting
Apr. 21-30 Unavailable Mexico
May 4 Springfield MA Mass Mutual
May 6 Seattle REI
May 10-12 Palos Verdes, CA Future In Review Conference
May 18 Washington DC Edison Electric Institute Consulting
May 25 Seattle Puget Sound Career Development Association
May 26 Boise, Idaho ITD, Consulting
June 15 Dallas BCBS Association Event
June 22 Unavailable
June 24 Washington DC Edison Electric Institute Scenario Think Tank
June 28 Los Angeles Edison Electric Institute Scenario Think Tank
July 29 Atlanta, GA Atlanta 50-Forward Regional Visioning Conference
Aug. 5 Minneapolis, MN Buhler Inc. Customer Conference
Aug. 15-20 Sydney, Australia GHD, Consulting
Aug. 23-24 Bellevue, Washington National Academy of Sciences, Smart Grid Meeting
Aug. 25-Sept. 3 Unavailable
Sept. 13 Columbus, Ohio Gannet Fleming Keynote
Sept. 17 Unavailable
Sept. 21-23 Washington DC GridWise Conference
Sept. 24 Unavailable
Sept. 29 Seattle, WA REI Keynote
Oct. 14-15 Waterloo, Iowa Hawkeye College Consulting
Oct. 18-22 Porto, Portugal Sonae
Nov. 3 Charlotte, NC TIAA-CREF
Nov. 4 Houston, Texas Cameron International HR Conference
Nov. 11 Denver, CO TIAA-CREF
Nov. 12 Waterloo, Iowa Hawkeye Community College Consulting
Nov. 15 New York TIAA-CREF
Nov. 29 – Dec. 3 Charleston, SC US Army Corps of Engineers, Strategic Planning Offsite

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