2006 Speaking Schedule

Notes on availability:

  • If you are working with any Speaker Bureau, that bureau can book Glen.
  • Dates with city and event listed are firm, but additional events in that city may be possible on same day.
  • Dates on “HOLD” are available for second hold; please call to see if the date can be released for your event in your city.
  • On some dates I am in a city but not doing an event; these are marked (time available) if an event can be booked on that date in that city.
Dates Location Details
January 4-9 Unavailable Unavailable
January 13 Seattle, Washington Ecumenical Elders
January 17 Olympia, Washington General Services Administration
January 23 Washington, DC FHWA-TRB Conference
January 24 Washington, DC FHWA-TRB Conference
January 26 San Antonio, Texas Blue Cross Blue Shield, Eagles Talent event
February 6 Chicago, Illinois Association of College & University Housing Officials
February 8-14 Milan & Udine, Italy Ambrosetti, The European House
February 20 Miami, Florida NADCA CEO Conference
February 24 Florence, Oregon Oregon Pacific Banking Company
Feb. 27-Mar. 1 Tucson, Arizona ING Insurance
March 6-7-8-9-10 Lansing, Michigan MI DOT
March 11 Seattle, WA University of Washington Medical School
March 15-16 Washington, DC FHWA Real Estate Think Tank
March 20-27 Unavailable Unavailable
April 7 Greensboro, North Carolina Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina, Speakers Network Event
April 25 Seattle, WA University of Washington
May 9 North Bend, Washington Human Systems Development Professionals
May 13 Washington, DC Red Cross 125th Anniversary Conference, Leading Authorities Event
May 14-17 San Diego, California FiRe Conference
May 18-19 Phoenix, Arizona Seminar Open to Public, Registration Fee
June 21 Boston, Massachusetts Nye Lubricants Company, Eagles Talent Event
June 23-30 Unavailable Unavailable
July 11 Columbus, Ohio AASHTO, TRB
July 23-24 Chicago, Illinois Speakers Network Event
July 28-31 Toronto, Canada World Future Society
August 22 Lynden, Washington Darigold Board of Directors
September 13 Seattle, Washington Nomura Research Institute
HOLD: September 14 Bellevue, Washington Amplify Speakers Bureau Event
September 15-17 Unavailable Unavailable
September 22 Portland, Oregon WASWD Annual Meeting
October 4 Williamsburg, VA Industrial Asset Management Council, International Speakers Event
October 5 Seattle, Washington Housing Development Consortium
Oct. 10-11 Seattle, Washington Human Interface Technology Lab Annual Meeting
October 12 Redmond, Washington Redmond Rotary
October 18 Lansing, Michigan MI DOT
October 19 Seattle, Washington Puget Sound Business Journal: 100 Fastest Growing Companies Annual Awards Banquet
October 24 Seattle, Washington Seattle Management Association
November 13 Milan, Italy Ambrosetti, The European House
December 5 Seattle, Washington Washington Software Association Forecast Dinner
December 8 Bellevue, Washington Technology Executive Roundtable
December 14 Seattle, Washington Executive Roundtable