2005 Speaking Schedule

Notes on availability:

  • If you are working with any Speaker Bureau, that bureau can book Glen.
  • Dates with city and event listed are firm, but additional events in that city may be possible on same day.
  • Dates on “HOLD” are available for second hold; please call to see if the date can be released for your event in your city.
  • On some dates I am in a city but not doing an event; these are marked (time available) if an event can be booked on that date in that city.
Dates Location Details
January 13 Seattle, Washington Consult: Gerontological Nursing Network Vision for Health Care
January 19 Bellevue, Washington Sharebuilder.com
Jan. 23-28 Amsterdam, Netherlands Keynote: Summit for the Future
Jan.29-Feb. 1 In New York (time available)
February 3 Boise, Idaho Consult: Idaho State Library Long Range Vision
February 7 Seattle, Washington State Workforce Development Conference
February 13-24 New Zealand
March 28 Los Angeles Mod3 Productions Audition
March 29 Vancouver, BC DUX AREA Inc.
March 30-April 1 Copper Mtn., Colorado Snow Industry Summit
April 15 Boise, Idaho Consult: Idaho State Library Long Range Vision
April 26 Stanwood, Washington Consult: Josephine Sunset
May 10 Bellevue, Washington OptiStore Customer Event
May 23-26 San Diego, California Future in Review 2005, Strategic News Service
June 15-16 Stanwood, Washington Retreat: Josephine Sunset
June 17 Portland, Oregon National Alliance for Choice in Giving, Vision Workshop
July 12-13 Boston, Massachusetts Federal Highway Administration Think Tank
July 14 Toronto, Canada Jr. Achievement Worldwide Global Leadership Conference
July 25 Kensington, New Hampshire Grand Circle Travel, Mangement Retreat
August 11-14 New York
August 15-17 Boise, Idaho Idaho State Library Long Range Vision THINK TANK
Aug 31-Sep 1 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Franklin Institute Advisory
September 16 Minneapolis, Minnesota NASPL Annual Conference (Eagles Talent Event)
September 20-21 Minneapolis, Minnesota Federal Highway Administration Think Tank
Sep. 27-Oct. 3 Unavailable Unavailable
October 26-27 San Francisco Bay Area Federal Highway Administration Think Tank
November 1-2 Washington, DC Federal Highway Administration
November 7-8 Boise, Idaho Idaho State Library Long Range Vision
December 8 Seattle, Washington PEMCO Insurance
December 8 Seattle, Washington Washington Software Association Forecast Dinner
December 13 Milan, Italy Ambrosetti, The European House
December 15 Jacksonville, Florida Transportation Summit