Glen Hiemstra’s Speaking Schedules

Glen Hiemstra and speakers are booking events in 2021. If you are booking, Think Tank speakers are available at various price points. Please consider them for programs. We have experts on AI, VR, Renewable Energy, Science Fiction, and more. A couple of things to keep in mind when reviewing the schedule, if you are interested in booking a keynote speaking program or consultation:

      • Glen Hiemstra will do a limited set of engagements in 2020.
      • If you are working with any Speaker Bureau, that bureau can book Glen.
      • Covid-19 Alert: We know with the current pandemic that all conferences and large crowd events have canceled, in some cases through all of 2020. Some of these events are just now being replaced by online gatherings with online presentations, in revised formats. Both Glen Hiemstra and the entire Think Tank Team are available for online programs. In General there are three options:
        1. Pre-recorded keynote style presentation.
        2. Live presentation, generally of shorter length and more conversational with Q&A and often with more than one presenter involved.
        3. Hybrid program including a pre-recorded program followed by live conversation and Q&A.
        We can work with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meetings, WebX, and other platforms.
      • Dates with city and event listed are firm, but additional events in that city may be possible on the same day or the day before or after.
      • Dates on HOLD are available for second hold; please call to see if the date can be released for your event.
      • On some dates I am in a city but not doing an event; these are marked (time available) if an event can be booked on that date in that city.
      • Think Tank Speakers are also be available for you event at various price points.

Below are past speaking schedules for Glen, that you are welcome to review if you are interested in some of Glen’s past clients.