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MX-1 to Shoot for Moon – and $20 Million

TechNews World, December, 2013
Moon Express is one of more than 20 teams worldwide vying for Google’s prize. There’s much more at stake in the race than a cash payout from Google, said futurist Glen Hiemstra.

“The first nation or company to establish a permanent presence there will have a great deal of influence over eventual development of the moon,” he told TechNewsWorld. “Whether this is for the purposes of mining Helium 3 and other rare elements, or establishing a jumping-off point to another mission, or to support space tourism, whoever is first on a permanent basis will have an advantage. Thus the Chinese mission to the moon launched this week.”…

Cool Jobs: Paid to dream

Student Science, December, 2013
Glen Hiemstra sees a very distant future…Read more.

The Future Of Collaboration Is About Looking Backwards

Fast Company, November, 2013
“With more and more technology to help us work together, it turns out that a better solution for a future workplace might already exist–we just have to use our tech to get us there.”

The Future of Work: How Talent Management Is Powering the Knowledge Value Revolution

Cornerstone On Demand, October, 2013
“The cultural, technology and generational shifts taking place in today’s workplace highlight how critically important it is that traditional human resources management to become more employee-centric.”

BYOD, BYOA and the Future of Work

Cornerstone On Demand, October, 2013
“Employees desire to bring their own device (BYOD), bring their own applications (BYOA) and bring their own tech (BYOT) to work to help with their productivity.” Glen Hiemstra explains implications for the future.”

People of the Screen and the Future of Work

Cornerstone On Demand, October, 2013
“Work today can be plagued by two competing problems. One is information and technology overload…The second problem is not enough information and too little technology.”

Hot Off the 3D Presses: A New Generation of Fitness Equipment

TechNews World, September, 2013
“3D printing is perfect for sports equipment because the equipment is often rather small, of relatively uniform material or a few materials, and would indeed benefit from customization,” said futurist Glen Hiemstra. “The stuff wears out and needs to be replaced…”

Shift in living patterns make drug stores destination for fresh, prepared foods

Drug Store News, August, 2013
“A growing number of cities including Seattle, where Glen Hiemstra lives, are ditching the 1950s highways-and-suburbs school of development and embracing dense city centers and walkable communities.” Listen to Glen’s podcast on finding food as cities change.

In Space, No One Can Hear PayPal Cha-Ching

Tech News World, June, 2013
“Establishing PayPal Galactic requires little investment or risk right now, but it repositions PayPal as the thought leader in the pay arena.”

3D Food Printer Could Sustain Long-Distance Space Explorers

Tech News World, May, 2013
“Printing food this way could be a pretty big deal for long-term stays in space and Mars,” said futurist Glen Hiemstra, “and also for us here on Earth.”…

Solar Roads, Charging Roads, And The Future Of Transportation

Fast Company, April, 2013
“Imagine roads in 2025 and beyond. Made of glass, generating electricity, with magnetic induction built in where appropriate. Is that really more far-fetched than building massive bridges in the 1930s?”

How To Think Now About The Jobs Of Tomorrow

HuffPost Live, April, 2013
From vertical farming to body part making, what career fields may emerge down the line? And what can you study now to get ahead of the curve? Students, Glen Hiemstra, and other students weigh in.

A Futurist’s Top Ten Global Futurists

Jump the Curve with Jack Uldrich, March, 2013
“In honor of today being the first-ever ‘Future Day’ holiday, I’d like to share with you a list of ten futurists whose work I have come to respect and rely upon over the course of my career.” – Jack Uldrich

Advantest to Feature Keynote Address by Futurist, Glen Hiemstra, at VOICE 2013 User’s Group and Partners Conference

Marketwire, March 26, 2013
“Hiemstra’s keynote, titled ‘Beyond 2020 – Creating True Value in the Future,’ will kick off Day 2 of Advantest’s VOICE conference, taking place April 23-24 in San Jose, California.”

Dallas Morning News Transportation Blog

Google self-driving car steals the show at Texas Transportation Forum in Austin, February 18, 2013
“If you could take those automobiles and make the technologically feasible, economically viable and socially and politically acceptable, you could reduce accidents by 90 percent.” -Glen Hiemstra

Transportation forum panel raises issues of technology, demographics, February 19, 2013
“Most strategic planning is based on extrapolating trends and preparing, Hiemstra said. Thus, we aim to build a more efficient past rather than a new future.”

Nokia Gives 3D Printers Something Fun to Do

TechNews World, January 19, 2013
“Nokia wants and needs to reposition themselves as tech leaders, and this appeals to thought leaders and first adopters,” said Glen Hiemstra of . “It will create buzz in the maker community.”

The Future in 50, 100, 200 Years

Daily Planet, Discovery Channel Canada, January 9, 2013
“In 50 years we will be wearing or having imbedded in us what we now think of as the online world,” Glen Hiemstra said in this video interview.

Rosenthal: Weight of Boeing’s Ambition Grounds Dreamliner, For Now

Chicago Tribune, January, 2013
“When I work with organizations on long-term vision, one criteria, and there’s no magic about it, is trying to get the stretch just right,” Hiemstra said.

Test Could Reveal Which Side of the Looking Glass We’re On

Tech News World, December, 2012
In this article by Tech News World, Glen postulates on possible realities, “It seems quite unlikely that we exist as virtual beings living within a computer simulation being operated by some future species descendants…”

Nuclear Power Could Blast Humans Into Deep Space

Tech News World, November, 2012
“‘The key advantages seem to be its ease of manufacture, the fact that materials are readily available within the U.S., and the fact that use of this propulsion technology reduces demand for and thus preserves the supply of plutonium needed for very deep space missions,’ said Glen Hiemstra of”…

A Luke Skywalker-Type Arm’s Just the Start for Revolutionary Polymer

Tech News World, November, 2012
Another use would be in robotics, “where something that is touch-sensitive and self-healing would be huge in terms of building more human-like or functional robots,” Glen Hiemstra of, told TechNewsWorld.

“I’ve also been thinking about eventual space habitats and space clothing — for example, for the day when we do indeed go to Mars to stay. I would suspect that inflatable habitats made from a material like this — perhaps one that also generates energy — will be very likely,” he said.

“Future space suits will need to be skin-hugging and tight,” Hiemstra noted, “and the self-healing properties would be valuable for obvious reasons.”…

The Next IBM: Companies That Could Pass the Century Mark

eCommerce Times, November, 2012
“IBM made many transitions from business machines to PCs to services,” said futurist Glen Hiemstra. “Microsoft would be the most likely candidate, but their product becomes more ephemeral every day.”

“Next would be Google,” Hiemstra told TechNewsWorld. “Mostly because of their power in mobile, their simplicity, and their imagination. They may morph into something else because of the eclectic interests of the founders — maybe they will be a smart car and AI robot company on the other side of the singularity.”…

Strategic Future Planning with Glen Hiemstra

CNBC Africa, September, 2012
Watch this video from CNBC Africa where Glen joins ABN’s Karema Brown in studio to discuss how we can plan for future scenarios and therefore shape their outcomes.

Quantum Teleportation Could Let Earth Phone ET’s Home

TechNews World, September, 2012
“Quantum teleportation for communication is a big deal, as it may make nearly instant communication with other planets possible,” said futurist Glen Hiemstra. “Imagine what could be done with no delay between Earth and Mars, instead of the 7-minute round trip that scientists must cope with now.”

Back at home it could be useful too.

“In the world of global trading, there is a race to have the fastest communication possible,” added Hiemstra. “Using quantum states and entangled photons could again make communication essentially instant.”…

Smart Systems and Global Chaos

ITWeb, September, 2012
By Jon Tullett, Editor: “News analysis Balance and regulation must temper our headlong rush into the big data future,” says futurist Glen Hiemstra.

Creating bikes and parts with a 3D printer, August, 2012
“While Hiemstra says that for now 3D printing will be utilized mostly for delivery of designs, production of prototypes, it is just a matter of time…”

Scientists Get Robot to Walk like a Man

TechNews World, July, 2012
“Walking is a motion that is quite responsive to variation in terrain,” said Glen Hiemstra of “Variation in slope, obstacles, and so on are taken on more easily in many cases by leg-like movements than by treads or rollers.”

If robots are expected to operate in human environments, those similarly equipped will have advantages. However, the biped approach does offer its own limitations.

“Legs could be more insect-like than human-like and have similar results — and there have, of course, been many developmental robots based on insects,” added Hiemstra.”…

“Recently I interviewed Colin Angle of iRobot, who maintains that it’s unlikely that any commercial human-like robots will be built, and that instead future service robots will not look human at all,” said Hiemstra. “But in the very long term, I suspect the quest to build humanoids will continue.”

Bye Bye, Jetsons: Engineers and Consultants Offer A Reality-Based Future

“By 2050, seven out of every ten people on Earth will live in cities. Compared to the beginning of the 20th century, when just 20 percent lived in urban settings, the increase is staggering…”

A Guide into the Future

Read on as Glen Hiemstra tackles questions from Txchnologist, such as “Which cities around the world are the most forward-looking and why? What do they need to consider as they prepare for the future?”

SpaceX Chalks Up Giant Leap for Commercial Space Travel

Tech News World, May, 2012
“I believe it is a game changer, in that a small ambitious startup has proven that they can do this,” said Hiemstra. “They have had huge support from NASA, but this puts pressure on the larger aerospace companies, such as Boeing…

Asteroid Miners May Set the Stage for Space Colonization

Tech News World, April, 2012
“On Tuesday, the founders of Planetary Resources held a press conference at the Museum of Flight in Seattle to announce a new megamillion-dollar plan to use commercially built robotic ships to travel to the asteroid belt to mine for valuable minerals including platinum and gold.”

Nokia May Turn Tattoos Into More Than Body Art

Tech News World, March, 2012
“I never rule out the prospect for any wearable or implantable technology,” futurist Glen Hiemstra, founder of , told NewsNewWorld. “It is very hard to predict whether people would use it, but it is certainly a step in that direction…