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Top 7 Medical Breakthroughs Just Around the Corner

NewsMax MaxLife, November, 2011
“An effective treatment for Alzheimer’s, a cure for the common cold, gene therapy that destroys cancers, transplant organs grown in the lab. These medical miracles are no longer the dreams of science fiction, but are likely coming in the next decade, say experts.”

Five Advantages of the Stint Career

Forbes Blog, July 7, 2011
“Through reading Hiemstra’s illustration of the future version of the employee, you see this already occurring in our present as well as the past. (dot com bubble anyone?) It isn’t the employment of choice for everyone, but for many the advantages of being a stint worker are plentiful.”

“Daddy, what’s a job?” – The Future of Employment

HR Leader Newsletter, Sydney, Australia, May 5, 2011
“In the future, people will work ‘stints’ rather than ‘jobs’, writes Glen Hiemstra. There was a time in history when no one had a job as we think of it. It was only in the last century that the modern concept of a ‘job’ as work exchanged for wages and benefits was invented.”

What is Vision 2050: An Integrated National Transportation System?

Green Joyment, March 22, 2011
“Glen Hiemstra, author of Turning the Future into Revenue and blogger at played a role in the development of the report. Hiemstra says the vision was ‘quite bold and still relevant today.'”

Craft the Best End Game, from Investors Business Daily, March 18, 2011
“Building your firm hinges on checking three outcomes: what’s likely, what’s possible, what’s best. Going for the last is what separates great outfits from wannabes, notes Glen Hiemstra, author of ‘Turning the Future Into Revenue.’ The likely-possible-best outlooks have one thing in common: The place you’re in now. The endgames are radically different.”

Focus on the Future

Constructech, March 14, 2011
“Glen Hiemstra, founder,,, Kirkland, Wash., says there is a downshifting in economic ambitions or expectations that is changing at a very rapid rate. Homeowners are no longer looking for so-called McMansions and instead…”

A More Frugal Economy

Leyerle, February 10, 2011
“Glen gave a wide-ranging but thematically coherent and engaging talk on what the future might hold over the next 10-50 years. One key point was how we have moved, perhaps permanently, to a ‘frugal economy’ where people have less, buy less, and want less. It may be making a virtue of necessity for some, but for others, especially those focused on sustainability, it has a deeply satisfying appeal.”

The Future of Homebuilding

Constructech magazine, February 2011
“Glen Hiemstra, founder,, answers some of the top questions on the minds of homebuilders these days, including what trends will impact the homebuilding industry in 2011 and what role technology will play moving forward.”

The New Pay Gap: Boomers, Gen-X, and Millennials

Forbes, January 5, 2011
“While Hiemstra agrees that Gen Y has suffered a financial blow, he points to evidence that their values, the way they think about money, are shifting in a positive way, just maybe as a result. ‘Even before the recession took hold, Millennials were already in the process of redefining the American Dream downshifting away from big income to other strong values,’ he says.”

3 Steps to Control Your Fear

My Super Charged Life, December 28, 2010
“In a guest post by Lucinda Bassett, author of The Solution: Conquer Your Fear, Control Your Future, Glen Hiemstra, our expert futurist, designates three actions that will help you control your fear in the face of challenge and change”

Careers of the future: The jobs your child could be doing

The School Run, November 27, 2010
“According to a new government-commissioned report our children’s career options are going to be very different from ours. What might our children’s careers look like and what skills will they need to compete? Glen Hiemstra is a futurist speaker, author and consultant, and recommends these tips to prepare for the economy of the future”

Interview of Glen Hiemstra on Bloomberg TV

Glen was interviewed by Lisa Murphy about the future of employment on Bloomberg TV’s Fast Forward with Lisa Murphy on November 5, 2010.

See Glen’s blog post on the subject for more information.

Growing the Idaho Economy: Moving Into the Future

Idaho Transportation Department, Research Report, August 13, 2010
“A report on transportation and the possible future economy of the State of Idaho from 2010 to 2030, including current assets to leverage, driving forces shaping the future, long-range economic opportunities for Idaho including four future scenarios, risks to a preferred future, strategic implications for transportation, regional case studies, and final conclusions.”

Flying Cars in 2011!

Owen Greaves On The Future Of Business, July 19, 2010
“Glen Hiemstra from the site, made a statement not to long ago, here’s his quote, ‘Looking ahead, over the next decade or two we will, nationally and internationally, need to be thinking systemically about travel demand and supply, advanced transportation technologies, and how to achieve sustainable transportation, if that is possible.'”

The Safety Net Of Control Is Broken

Owen Greaves On The Future Of Business, May 6, 2010
“The message of an Open & Free Business Model where I believe everyone wins, needs to be embraced. There is a need for more people like Gerd Leonhard, Glen Hiemstra and the extreme futurists like Ray Kurzweil to help you embrace the future of an ever changing world. ”

The Future Of Transportation

Innovational Musings, February 17, 2010
“Glen was gracious enough to sit down for a short video interview with Innovational Musings. In Part 1 of the interview we discuss: intelligent transportation systems (ITS), innovation & government, his work with start-ups and creating green jobs. In part 2 of this interview we discuss the state of research in the U.S. compared to our global competitors, high speed rail and other transportation issues.”

2020 Vision: The Future of Professional Sports

The New York Times, January 2, 2010
“In the Sports section of The New York Times, the article 2020 Vision deals with the future of sports medicine. Hiemstra predicted that Congressional pressure would force the N.F.L. to impose player weight restrictions to ease the effect of collisions, now that the effects of concussions have become widely known, and he surmises that the future of steroid use among athletes will be much different as well.”