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Not knowing what’s ahead, we look to futurists to help figure it out

The Seattle Times, Pacific Northwest magazine, September 27, 2009

“The future is not something that just happens to us, it’s something we do,” Hiemstra says. Predicting allows control, he believes. “That’s the whole purpose of doing it, to exert some influence over the future, so it isn’t purely inevitable.”

America at 300: A Futurist’s Vision of Life Between Now and the U.S. Tricentennial

American Legion Magazine, August 2009

Who uses the work of futurists today? Glen Hiemstra, founder of, notes that businesses, nonprofits and public agencies all seek his insights on a range of demographic, economic, technological and environmental trends. He views futurology as another dimension of strategic planning.

Lessons From the Future: Five Trends of RSPA

RSPA connect Magazine, July 2009

“As we eye the end of the current deep recession we need to consider what is on the other side. Most experts agree that what emerges will not be a mere repeat of the past – so what is coming our way, and how can we prepare for and even shape the future?”

World on Fire: Notes and Impressions from FiRe 2009

Strategic News Service, June 2009

“Guest blogged by Glen Hiemstra, Founder, Last week included four eventful days at the annual Future In Review conference put on by the Strategic News Service. This year, the last at San Diego’s Hotel del Coronado [FiRe 2010 is moving to the Terranea; future FiRe locales aren’t yet scheduled], was […]”

Living Little – the Future of Housing

A guest article written by Glen Hiemstra for the in-flight magazine of Korean Air, Morning Calm, on the future of housing in the world. Morning Calm February 2009. The article in full is here as a PDF.

“For decades, if not centuries, a bigger, more lavish home has been the goal of every upwardly mobile family. But with a burgeoning global population, buildings have become one of Earth’s greatest polluters. In the future, dream houses are destined to come in very different shapes and sizes.”

Innovations of the Future

Business Week, February 25, 2009
Yahoo Finance, February 27, 2009

Glen Hiemstra, author and Founder of, wants to see universal coverage, while allowing folks to purchase insurance privately. ‘Health care is at the center of almost all business-labor issues. Moving away from employer-provided health care will free us like almost nothing else I can think of,’ he says.”

20 Most Important Inventions of the Next 10 Years

Business Week, February 25, 2009

“So BusinessWeek asked several futurists, including’s Glen Hiemstra, consultant David Zach, and author Howard Rheingold, to describe what they’d like to see arise from the current downturn.”

(See how this article appears when picked up in Vietnam, in Saigon online.)

Change: Approaching ‘Singularity’

Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune, February 21, 2009

The pace of change is accelerating. Get used to it. It’s not slowing down or going away, and there’s a name for where we’re headed.

Beyond 2020: Hope, possibilities

BMCC Business Barometer, November 17, 2008

“In this 2008 edition of the BMCC Business Barometer, Glen writes an article about the economic climate of the United States. At the end of the article he mentions 5 great tasks, including Leading a global shift to the next, sustainable energy systems.

Kirkland-based Glen Hiemstra sees more struggling companies and sinking home values

Puget Sound Business Journal, September 19, 2008

Ahead we will see several more major institutions wobble and likely fail or fundamentally transform into shells of their former selves, says Hiemstra, usually an optimist. It’s been an amazing cascade of bad decisions and second order consequences.

Get Yourself a Media Futurist!

SkipVision, August 24, 2008

“Particularly, I speak of media futurists Gerd Leonhard and Glen Hiemstra, the work of whom has left me recently fascinated. It isn’t that they talk about the things that will happen, but rather the things that are happening right now in the realm of media. That is, anything and everything pertaining to the web, music, video, technology, copyright, sharing and so forth.”

Beijing Results Serve Food for Thought, August 24, 2008

“China is attempting to maintain what is likely a doomed dichotomy, cultivating a free market while stifling free expression. In the short-run, however, there are certain advantages. The government built a high-speed rail line in Shanghai in only two years, according to Glen Hiemstra, a noted futurist who follows and forecasts technical and social trends.”

Expect strong economy in 5 years, experts say

Richmond Times-Dispatch, August 24, 2008

“‘Predicting the nature of the economy is easier than predicting how it will perform,’ said Glen Hiemstra, a futurist author and speaker based in Washington state who founded, a Web site about topics related to the future.

‘Energy is going to be an ongoing issue from now on,’ he said. ‘The No. 1 [economic] driver will be energy transition.'”

The Future of Energy: Sustainability Rules in 2030

The Economist, August 16, 2008

The Economist Magazine, August 16-22, 2008 issue, pages 32-33, features a paid special section entitled The Future of Energy: Sustainability Rules in 2030. Comments from Founder and futurist speaker Glen Hiemstra are prominently featured by the article author, writer Morey Stettner.

‘Peak Metal’ problems loom

The National, August 7, 2008

“‘We have to do a better job recycling…,’ said Glen Hiemstra of Washington state, founder of

‘What the world needs,’ Mr Hiemstra said, is ‘breakthrough thinking on every level about everything, about how to do things more efficiently, with different materials, and sustainably.

‘People, however, will continue to want to live a high-quality lifestyle. But it will have to be done with less material consumption,’ he said.”

Planning for an Effective Tomorrow

Seattle Street of Dreams magazine, Summer 2008

“Owner and founder Glen Hiemstra says the days ahead can be made more successful for individuals if they can recognize possible dilemmas, and prepare solutions for them. Problems such as an economic slump offer more than just an issue to endure today – it also presents an opportunity to arrange for a better tomorrow, he says.”

The Future is NOT What it Used to Be

Oregon State Bar Bulletin, July 2008

“We try to anticipate the future in order to see what might change the game so that we might prepare. And, we imagine alternative and preferred futures so that we might devise strategies that make them more likely.”

30th Anniversary: Vision Quest

Builder Magazine, April 2008

“Glen Hiemstra has three kids in their 20s who swear their American Dream doesn’t include owning a McMansion in the suburbs. That kind of insight is catnip to Hiemstra, who is the founder of, a Web site that loftily focuses on ‘the dissemination of information about the future and how to create it.’ But he’s been in the forecasting game long enough to know that when it comes to the future, what people say and what they eventually do can be two very different things.”

Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association

Glen Hiemstra was a featured speaker at the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association’s Management Forum on April 11, 2008, Turning the Future Into Revenue. He presented an overview of four dynamic trends -demographics, technology, the new economy, and the next energy revolution and provided details on how to become a more successful strategic leader. The following articles were published in their monthly magazine, Compoundings.