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Interview of Glen Hiemstra by Susan Hoffman: Future of Atlanta

Glen Hiemstra is interviewed by Susan Hoffman for the Atlanta Regional Commission, as part of the ARC program launch of “50 Forward.” He discusses the future of the Atlanta region and housing, aging and environment. Recorded in late 2007, the interview anticipates today’s issues. Used with the permission of the Atlanta Regional Commission.

Future Trends in State Courts 2007

At various times Glen has led or contributed to an annual project of the National Center for State Courts to scan the future and publish a report on future trends. In 2007, Glen was one of three futurists and three court officials to participate in a blog-based dialogue on futuring and the courts, which became part of the annual report. You can access the full report, or just the dialogue, in pdf format.

Your Legacy as a Leader

The Futurist, July, 2007

Cynthia G. Wagner reviews books about leadership and the future in this July, 2007 edition of The Futurist. On Glen Hiemstra’s Turning the Future Into Revenue, Wagner states ‘Hiemstra’s book is both practical and visionary¬Ě.’

Big Business in Seeing the Future of Business

An all-star team of futurists and forecasters discusses the growing demand for futuring in the business world with‘s Allison Linn. Glen Hiemstra and his colleagues describe the frustration of having a strong prediction ignored (such as underscoring global warming twenty years ago), the satisfaction of having a prediction turn out right, and the delight of being wrong. Published on June 8, 2007.

The View From the Future

Glen Hiemstra is interviewed by Penny Omnes, Vice President of External Affairs & Corporate Relations for The BC Bearing Group, for their quarterly magazine, BCB Communicator. Published in May 2007.

Thimble, Sweet Thimble: Future Housing

Glen Hiemstra discusses the future of housing with Chicago Sun Times Real Estate and Homelife Editor, Sally Duros. While visiting Chicago to address Mid-West builders, Glen suggested that the aging U.S. population will require a re-thinking of the size and cost of houses. Sally wonders whether this expectation is merely a repeat of old futurist projections and will not come to pass. April 20, 2007.

11 Events, Trends, and Developments That Will Change Your Life

Glen Hiemstra was the keynote speaker at the Colorado Municipal League (CML)’s 85th Annual Conference on June 27, 2007. He wrote this article in CML’s magazine, Colorado Municipalities, prior to his speech. Published in April 2007.

The Gaming World of 2025

Glen Hiemstra imagines the gaming world of 2025 in this interview by Adam Jones of GameDaily, published by Business Week online, Feb. 13, 2007.

Yahoo News Interactive: Year in Review 1915-2043

Glen Hiemstra comments on life in 2043 in this Yahoo! News Interactive feature “Year In Review: America’s 300 Million.” Short audio interview selections are found in the section on the year 2043. Produced by Jason La, January 1, 2007.

National Post, Canada: Dreaming of Life Beyond the Boomers

In this article, Dreaming of Life Beyond the Boomers, Boyd Erman of the Financial Post interviewed Glen and other experts regarding what people who retire 30-40 years from now might look foward to. Boyd wanted to know what the next generation would deal with, rather than the Baby Boomers. Published on October 6, 2006.

NADCA Links Article: Thinking Outside the Box

This article appeared for the first time in Links, a publication of the North American Die Casting Association. Glen keynoted their annual CEO conference in 2006, and the article is based on the keynote and workshop. Published October 2006.