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Northwest Entrepreneur Network Article

The Northwest Entrepreneur Network features in the November 2003 edition of their publication, The Venturer, in an article by Leroy Hurt.

Puget Sound Business Journal Article

The Puget Sound Business Journal, part of the national group, features in the August 2003 edition of their publication, in an article by Manny Frishberg.

Redmond 2022

Lori Peckol’s article, Redmond 2022: Designing Our Future, was based on a presentation to the city of Redmond, Washington’s Planning Commission as they prepared to begin a long-term planning process in the summer of 2003.

Redmond Man Sees the Future

The King County Journal, February 23, 2003
This article, Redmond Man Sees the Future, was featured in the King County Journal in 2003. Here Glen lists a number of predictions for the future, including Ubiquitous communication using augmented reality devices in the form of implants, contact lenses or tiny glasses that allow interaction with the world while receiving computerized information.

Seattle P-I Article

Seattle P-I Reporter Brad Wong offered a profile of Glen Hiemstra in his February 11, 2003 article titled “For full-time futurist, life isn’t practical”. Brad investigates the questions Glen asks people in order to draw them outside their normal thinking.

Wireless Week Interview

Glen was interviewed for the “Futurists Predict What’s Ahead for Us” article by Rikki Lee in Wireless Week.

Forget 2003-what’s wireless going to look like in 2020? According to industry leaders, technology futurists, telecom analysts and wireless researchers interviewed by Wireless Week, the networks and devices may be closer to near-term reality than “The Jetsons.”

Prophets and Loss

Wired magazine, October, 2002
Wired magazine published the article Prophets and Loss in 2002. This article profiles Glen and others in the business of making predictions about the future. When asked about his forecast for the future, ‘Due to the slowing of population growth, societies will begin demanding an increase in the birthrate within the next 20 years,’ was his reply.

Seattle Times, August 30, 2002

A suburban city plans for its future by involving citizens in “community conversations” and hires Glen Hiemstra and to produce a video to help citizens think 20 years ahead. Read more in the article titled “Kirkland boldly facing its Future”.

Seattle Times Op-Ed, July 29, 2002

A guest editorial in the Seattle Times by Brenda Cooper and Glen Hiemstra. We wrote in response to an earlier editorial advising people to be afraid of the future, a dominant mood of our time. We beg to disagree and explain why in this op-ed article titled “The future is gaining on us…have hope”.

Seattle Times, July 21, 2002

“The Next Thing”, a weekly column by Arts and Entertainment writer Melanie McFarland, of the Seattle Times. In the July 21, 2002 column, “Futurists are – well, the future”, she suggests that “trend spotters” are out, while futurists are in, and profiles Glen Hiemstra.

Back to the Future or Forward Into the Past

Maintenance Technology, September, 2001
Entitled Back to the Future or Forward Into the Past? this article in Maintenance Technology magazine mentions some interesting points Glen made at a 2001 Wonderware conference and trade show. Author Robert C. Baldwin mentions he was still pumped up about the future weeks after hearing Hiemstra in regards to the conference.

Scenarios 2001 Conference Article

“Evolutionary Models for Cultural Change” was based on a presentation to the Scenarios 2001 Conference on scenario planning, held in Boston in 2001.
Scenario & Strategy Planning, August/September 2001 issue.
Published with permission of Scenario & Strategy Planning.
phone: (44) 181 785 2700

Beyond 2020 Panel Video

The very popular “Beyond 2020” speech that Glen delivered in 2000 at the University of Washington is replayed periodically on regional and national television and is now available on the Web. The entire program, including a panel, is two hours long and can be viewed online in Windows Media.
Beyond 2020

Driving in 2020: Commuting Meets Computing

In the September-October 2000 issue of The Futurist magazine, Glen Hiemstra writes about environmentally friendly smart cars of the future, which will be part chauffeur, part personal assistant, and part Web browser.

Scenario & Strategy Planning Article

“A Letter from 2028, An Older and Smaller World” was written as a sample scenario, one which highlights the impact of an aging society, while world population growth comes to a surprising end.
Scenario & Strategy Planning, October/November 1999 issue. Published with permission.

What the Seers See

The New York Times, March 31, 1999
Multichannel News released this article entitled What the Seers See: Futurists eye a more personal video future for pro-sumers in March of 1999. While Hiemstra has praise for NBC, calling it the most aggressive broadcast network, he is most intrigued by the Craig McCaw empire.

National Venture Capital Association Article

“Beyond 2001: Navigating the Knowledge-Value Economy” appeared for the first time in Venture Capital Review, a publication of the National Venture Capital Association. It is reprinted with permission. The basic dynamics that will shape the early 21st Century economy are explained. Published in Fall 1998