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The Future – A Fresh Agenda Podcast with Cristina Mendonsa

Fresh Agenda Podcast, with Cristina Mendonsa, Jan. 22, 2019
Listen to this conversation with Glen Hiemstra about how we solve climate change, electrifying all transportation, tech and space exploration. Glen also has some exercises to position yourself for your best future. Listen now

Exponential Energy: Top 4 takeaways from the Jax Infrastructure Innovation Summit

Jacksonville Business Journal, by Will Robinson, Oct. 8, 2018
Following the Infrastrcuture Innovation Summit where Futurist Glen Hiemstra spoke on exponential energy, the BizJournal summarized 4 key takeaways, including a highlight of Glen’s program noting wind and solar will proliferate. A highlight video was posted as well, link here

Futurists Predict What Online Dating Will Look Like In 10 Years

Mel, by Quinn Meyers, Dec. 11, 2018
A huge number of couples now meet through online dating and match services. In a future wold of AI, VR and other genetic decoding, what is the future of online dating? Futurist Glen Hiemstra joins several other futurists in speculating about online dating and relationships in the next 10 years and beyond..Read more

The Future of Ag Labor:

Yields Magazine, by Glen Hiemstra, Fall Issue, 2018
In this invited article published in the NW Farm Credit Services online magazine Yields, Glen Hiemstra was asked to explore the future of farm labor in the U.S. Farm labor has historically relied heavily on temporary and permanent immigration, and despite advances in robotic technology, it is likely that the future of farm labor will continue to look to immigrants. This at a time when immigration is being limited and attacked. How these two opposing forces will work out in the coming decade and beyond is the focus of this piece. Read more

Soon Hiring: Human Trait Designers and 7 Other Out-There Jobs of the Future, by Hayden Field, May 9, 2018
Futurist Glen Hiemstra joins other experts in suggesting 8 unique jobs of the future. These include AI ethicist, Human trait designer, and Space Habitat designer plus five more future jobs.Read more

10 things predicted to happen before the pay gap closes

CNBC, by Zameena Mejia, April 10, 2018
“Futurist Glen Hiemstra, an innovation expert and founder of, tells CNBC Make It that in 200 years, we should expect a largely robotic workforce, driverless air taxis and the spread of indoor farming, to name just a few changes.

“Hiemstra is optimistic that the global gender wage gap will close sooner than WEF’s current prediction: “The further out you look, the more choice you have to create a future you prefer, rather than merely adjusting,” he tells CNBC Make It

“In the meantime, here are 10 enormous ways the world is predicted to change, before the gender wage gap closes:…” Read More

Energy 2025 is surprisingly different from energy 2017

Huawei WinWin Magazine, by Glen Hiemstra, Sep. 23, 2017
In this article for WinWin Magazine by Glen Hiemstra, we look at what will be changing in the global energy system by 2025, with a focus on three primary forces of change: Systems intelligence, Environmental and economic imperatives, and Sunshine-based electrification. Read more

LA Olympics: What we got in ’84 and what we might get for 2028

KPCC, archived recording and article, August 1, 2017
Glen Hiemstra is interviewed about LA in 2028 as it hosts the Olympics. What might the future bring for transportation, security, hospitality, sport, and more. Fun listen or read.

Professional Futurists Converge on Seattle to pick up hints about what lies ahead

GeekWire, Alan Boyle, July 28, 2017
Glen Hiemstra is interviewed along with other professional futurists gathered in Seattle for their 15th Anniversary meeting. The conference focused on the the future of human and planetary health, along with space and science fiction. Glen was on the organizing committee. Read more.

DELIVERED. Goes back to the future with…GLEN HIEMSTRA

DHL Delivered Magazine, Tony Greenway, February 24, 2017
After I did a program at the annual DHL global energy conference, their industry magazine produced this in-depth interview article on my work and my approach as a futurist. “Will the future be a scary, dystopian place, where societies are fractured and technology is out of control? Not according to Glen Hiemstra, who looks into the future for a living. He is decidedly more optimistic than that.

“To be optimistic about the future is a choice one makes,” he admits. “But the fact is that when things get bad, the human race has generally proven its ability to step up and solve the issues threatening us. True, we often wait until it’s almost too late – but we do it.” … more

The End of the Car Commute

The Fruitguys Magazine, by Mark Saltveit, August 24, 2016
An interview with Glen Hiemstra by The Fruitguys Magazine, a Silicon Valley fixture. We talked about the future of commuting, and whether, when and how self driving vehicles may change the commute. “The challenge for self-driving cars is the integration gap—when the cars are really ready to be fully autonomous, if we could wave a magic wand and change all the cars and trucks to autonomy at once, then we can imagine a workable system. The gap, though, is how in the world we are going to integrate autonomous vehicles with less predictable human drivers. Perhaps it will start with special lanes, zones, areas, regions, for autonomy.” More

Here’s what your office might look like in 10 years

Cisco Newsroom, by Blake Snow June 29, 2016
An interview with Glen Hiemstra about the future of offices. “So offices will continue to migrate toward shared spaces, lounge areas, and flexible meeting rooms.” And if the aspirations of self-driving cars come true, many of us will use interior cabins as mobile workspaces while our cars drive themselves. As you might expect, by 2026 there’ll be more video meetings conducted. But rather than being something we periodically engage in today, video calls “will simply be the worldwide norm” in 10 years, Hiemstra suspects.” More

Taking Care of (Future) Business – PopSci Futuropolis Podcast

Episode of PopSci’s Futureopolis Podcast Talks , December 2, 2015
Glen Hiemstra in a another podcast interview by Popular Science for their Futuropolis series. This one explored the prospects for super smart computing and AI to assist people in future work (more so than replace people). We had some AI experts, and I addressed potential future offices, and jobs, including a highlight on the possibility of working in space by the end of the century. Another fun listen.

Did ‘Back To The Future: Part II’ Get 2015 Right?

Huffington Post Live, October 21, 2015
Glen Hiemstra joins Josh Zepps and two other guests in a video interview by Huffington Post Live on the various ways that Back to the Future II got 2015 right and wrong. Great interview Josh!

Glen also did interviews on Back to the Future day (the characters arrived in 2015 on Oct. 21, via their flying car / time machine) with CNN International and with the BBC. If those interviews are archived online, we will post them later.

Back to the Future’s 2015 Versus Reality

Washington Post, October 21, 2015
Glen Hiemstra in a video interview by the Washington Post on the various ways that Back to the Future II got 2015 right and wrong. Listen in here.

Robot, You Can Drive My Car – PopSci Futuropolis Podcast

Episode 2 of PopSci’s Futureopolis Podcast Talks Roadtrips and Traffic Jams, July 29, 2015
Glen Hiemstra in a podcast interview by Popular Science on the future and self-driving vehicles. Quite fun.

Robots, drones, self-driving cars: Futurist Glen Hiemstra predicts a wildly different future

Puget Sound Business Journal, May 1, 2015
Glen Hiemstra predicts the next 35 years in this interview by writer Patti Payne for the Puget Sound Business Journal, on the occasion of their 35th Anniversary. Read about twice as many people in the Seattle region, and why we’ll look at cars in 2050 like we look at horses today. Glen pushes the boundaries in this fun piece.

The Road Ahead for Self-Driving Cars

TechNewsWorld, March 19, 2015
Glen Hiemstra comments on self-driving cars for TechNewsWorld as writer Peter Suciu explores the 5 levels of vehicle automation.

Everything “Back to the Future Part II” Got Right and Wrong about 2015, According to Futurists

Newsweek, December 28, 2014
Glen Hiemstra discusses the famous movie Back to Future II with several futurists, as Newsweek gets the jump on media telling the story of what the movie got right and wrong when the characters arrive in 2015. For example, I note that, “In the first 30 minutes of the film or so, there’s just one sight gag after another. Doc has been to a rejuvenation clinic where he has his spleen and colon replaced. We don’t have anything like a rejuvenation clinic quite yet. There are various aging treatments you can take. … Biff is really upset about his bionic implants short circuiting. It doesn’t really say what the bionic implants do for him. But he actually sparks a couple of times. “My bionic implants are short-circuiting again.” That isn’t quite right.”

Commute Survival Guide: Local futurist says self-driving cars are the answer

King 5 Evening Magazine Show, November, 2014
Appearing on King 5 Evening Magazine Glen Hiemstra discusses autonomous vehicles, drones, and other future tech that might improve future transportation.

$10K Will Get You a Hoverboard though not quite Like Marty McFly’s

TechNewsWorld, October, 2014
“It is a super cool idea,” said Glen Hiemstra, founder of, but “its actual use will be limited to theme parks and special hoverboard skate parks, as it can only hover over certain metal surfaces, not general ground.”

Big Pharma Joins Google’s Quest for Aging Antidote

TechNewsWorld, September, 2014
Levinson’s and Barron’s pharmaceutical backgrounds, plus the new partnership with AbbVie, indicate that Google plans to move Calico beyond the moon shot phase and into a more concrete development position, said Glen Hiemstra, founder and CEO of Futurist.

“What we know about Google is that they begin with very grand big ideas — whether search, or solar, or bringing high-speed Internet to remote areas — and then they quite seriously search for ways to make the idea real,” he told TechNewsWorld.

“I would expect the play with Calico is no different,” Hiemstra said. “They really do want to combat aging, and this [partnership] is not likely to be the only one as they look for ways to succeed.”

Leaping Lizards! The Leap Motion Controller Has Landed

TechNews World, July, 2014
Gesture-based control is an alternative to today’s increasingly prevalent touchscreens and touch technology.

“Gesture is natural, and superior in some ways — it is faster, and avoids repetitive motion injury risk of mice and keyboards,” futurist Glen Hiemstra told TechNewsWorld…

Larry Page: Less Work, More Play and All Will Be Well in The Garden

E-Commerce Times, July, 2014
People need to work less than 1 percent of the time they do to fulfill their basic needs — housing, security and opportunities for their children — Google cofounder Larry Page suggested recently, reviving a Utopian vision that has long been a staple of sci-fi as well as technologists’ vision of the future…

Page’s scenario “has been coming for some time,” Glen Hiemstra, founder and CEO of, told the E-Commerce Times. Both standard of living and productivity have gone up over the years, and “we could — and increasingly do — provide all of this with fewer and fewer people required to produce the goods and services,” Hiemstra pointed out…

The future of food, BASF Panel

Pork Network blog, June, 2014
We discussed the future of food in this BASF panel that included famed Iron Chef Cat Cora.

Why Global Society Needs Internet of Everything

ZDNet, June, 2014
The Internet of Everything enables connected environmentalism, advanced transportation, among other global issues that need to be addressed.

The Future of Mobility – Podcast

Cisco, April, 2014
Check out this podcast interview with Glen Hiemstra and Dave Evans on the future of mobility.

Cuban the Firebrand, and the Futurist

The New York Times, March, 2014
“He says things that are pretty unfiltered, but I do have to say that he sees the big picture,” said Glen Hiemstra…

Robots, Regenerative Medicine and More: Futurists Gaze Into 2014

Re/code, January, 2014
Robots, regenerative medicine, and the quantified self. “We’ll see some breakthrough entrants into the market.” See what Glen’s talking about.

The Future of Highway Transportation Spelled Out at SA Conference

WOAI Local News, January, 2014
“Much of the future involves self-driving vehicles,” Glen Hiemstra explains at the 2014 Texas Transportation Forum.