Futurist.com History

The Basics

Futurist.com is a company focused on the dissemination of information about the future and how to create it.

The website is designed to be your window on the future. We provide information about many future related topics, and add to this information all the time.

Most of the information here at the website is at the introductory or intermediate level and provides an overview of a subject and some useful links. Our commitment is to a greater understanding of and enthusiasm about the future and future-related subjects.

Our audience is global, one of the great features of the World Wide Web. Each month about 7500 visitors from 120 nations stop by the website.

Futurist.com is owned by Glen Hiemstra. The website is designed to acquaint you with my professional services including keynote speaking, long-range planning retreats and consultation, scenario planning and think tanks. All programs are focused in one way or another on the development of the preferred future. For two decades I have assisted hundreds of private, public and non-profit enterprises in thinking about and planning for the long-term future. This work is often done solo, occasionally with colleagues and collaborators. The website offers information about programs and presentations, a speaking schedule, and the projects, interviews, books, and articles that I am currently involved with.

Company History

Glen Hiemstra

I began as a professional futurist in the 1980’s, having been taught by a mentor, Dr. Ed Lindaman, who had been Director of Program Planning for Apollo at the Rockwell company. I knew him during my first career, in higher education. I made a final break from an academic career to do futurist business consulting and speaking full time in 1987. Early in the 1990’s I learned of a looming technology development called Mosaic, that would change the Internet forever. I also learned that when Mosaic and browser technology became the norm it would be critical to have a “home page”. When I checked into it, I was surprised that no other professional futurist, many of whom had more prominent names, had thought to register “futurist.com”. So I did.

In the mid-1990’s I was completing a consulting assignment with a small town in Washington state, where we had developed a community vision. A key player in that project was Brenda Cooper, the city IT manager, who it turned out was going to build a small enterprise developing web sites in her spare time. So I asked Brenda to work for me in building Futurist.com, the site launched in early 1997 and my company name changed from Hiemstra International to Futurist.com. Brenda has gone on to a career as a science fiction author, futurist, and IT manager.