Client Comments

Once you have heard Glen Hiemstra speak, the future will never look the same!

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Cox Communications Transforming for the Future Symposium
“A quick note to say “thank you” It was great working with you and your presentation was fantastic!”
A. Minsky,
Senior Director, EDIS Portfolio Management and Program Delivery

Boeing Next 100 Years Summit
The Next 100 work was very well received and there have been a number of steps taken across the company that were influenced by the outcomes.
M. Kagele
Technical Fellow in Strategic Foresight and Technology Intelligence at Boeing

[This was a 3-day summit of key Boeing scientists and leaders, and external experts, exploring strategic aerospace opportunities in the next 100 years that Glen Hiemstra designed and facilitated.]

BGRS Global Mobility, Global Leadership Council Meetings, London & Chicago
Many thanks again for taking the time to join our Global Leadership Council meeting and for an insightful and interesting session! Enjoy the rest of your time in London and have a safe trip back to the U.S. I hope you have a chance to work with you again in the future.
Petra Adshead
Director of Global Marketing & Communications

It was a great pleasure meeting you and I heard great things about your content.
K. Staszcuk
Marketing Specialist, Events and Team Administration


Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation Transportation Summit 2017
Our survey results reflect very positive feedback for the event & content, including your keynote address [and facilitation]. Key leaders of our Transportation Corps also met a few days after the event to reflect and plan forward. Thanks again for the vital role you played in our Transportation Summit event, Glen.
P. Garland
President St. Cloud Development Corporation

DHL 2016 Energy Conference
It was great having you at the conference, your key note was a perfect closing of the day.
B. Lange
Marketing Director

DHL Technology Sector

You are a superstar! Thank you so much.
I am thrilled that you could step in and make this happen.
(After Glen did a speech via Skype Video for Teva Pharmaceuticals meeting in Malaga, Spain, when a scheduled speaker became ill the day before.)

C.H. Jørgensen
Managing Director, A-Speakers International Speakers Bureau

We really enjoyed your session yesterday at the VHB Stockholder’s Meeting. You did a great job managing the session and your presentation was very thought provoking. You may have altered our path forever.

B. Brustlin, Board Chair, VHB Engineers-Scientists-Planners-Designers

THANK YOU for a fantastic session. I really enjoyed the fact that you shared big macro-trends but also helped provide a framework for the group to figure out how to apply them to their work. I felt the group was really engaged and really got a lot of value out of the session. I hope you enjoyed yourself as well. Don’t be surprised if we ask you to join us for next year’s program!

Y. Salamini, Sr. Mgr. Learning & OD
Walmart Global eCommerce

Thanks so much for all you did to ensure the success of the program. NPMA often uses speakers and or facilitators in a variety of settings, but have rarely worked with anybody who was as well prepared as you. We’ve all heard numerous compliments (most were jubilant in tone) and appreciate all you did to make the program so successful.

B. Rosenberg, EVP, NPMA

On behalf of my colleagues at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Dallas, Richmond, and St. Louis, I thank you for sharing your experience and expertise at the Aligning Workforce Development and Employment Strategies for Historically Black Colleges and Universities meeting on January 16-17, 2013. Based on the feedback we received, the information you provided was valuable and afforded the presidents an additional perspective to their work in developing a more competitive graduate.

T. Greene, VP Community & Economic Development, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

On behalf of the RPA Board of Directors and the RPA Program Committee, please accept our sincere thanks for your presentation at the RPA 2013 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 14-17. Thank you for a very thought provoking session. You accomplished what we wanted!

C. Amedia, Program Chair, RPA

Thank you for your wonderful presentation about the future. I’m still shocked that there were only 26 episodes of the Jetsons! Your content was well researched and your message definitely resonated with the audience. Please let me know if I can ever be of assistance in the future!

R. Eissler, Conference Coordinator, JetQuest

I would like to thank you for the time and insight that you shared with our Board of Directors at our annual retreat. It was a thought-provoking meeting and yielded lively discussion. Your keynote presentation was inspiring and meaningful to those fortunate to participate. You successfully challenged us to think more creatively, and we left the retreat feeling energized and contemplating what we can do to affect change and build an exciting future for Denver. Thanks again for making a tremendous contribution to the retreat, Glen! I am hopeful our paths will cross again in the future.

B. James, Chair, Board of Directors, 

Glen’s presentation before the general assembly at the 2012 NIRI National Conference was far and away the highlight of the three-day event and, perhaps, the most thoughtful and thought-provoking session I’ve ever seen given to this professional organization. Far from some new age theoretical musing, Glen systematically extrapolated current trends into likely outcomes and then offered actionable recommendations as to how to deal with this new reality. Truly invaluable. My only regret is that NIRI stuck him at the end of the conference when a healthy percentage of attendees had left for the airport. In my opinion, Glen should be the kick-off to such a learning agenda to invigorate the constituency, not the closer to those who remain.

R. G. Berick, Senior Managing Director, Dix & Eaton

Referring to Glen’s presentation, it was very thought provoking and I wished he could have spoken longer.

D. Pazdra, Director of Human Resources,
City of Coral Springs

On behalf of the Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities, I wish to thank you for your time and the enthusiasm you brought to the plenary session. Glen, the information you provided was extremely informative and provided the audience with a framework of how as individuals and as an organized body they can have influence in shaping the future.

S. Jackson-Boner, Executive Director, 
Indiana Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities

Without your involvement we couldn’t have achieved such a high quality return on investment. We truly appreciate your willingness to speak to our members and to share such engaging and crucial information. We have heard wonderful comments about your presentation and are honored that you were a part of our national conference information sharing.

L. Freeman, Director of Conferences,
Alliance for Children & Families

We thank you for the energy, wisdom, and expertise of your presentation. We were honored to have you join us and look forward to similar opportunities in the future.

E. Featherstone, Executive Director, 
Association for Corporate Growth

Glen is a talented speaker and I really like how he peppers his remarks with lots of statistics and examples. He has a unique perspective, he’s articulate and plus, he’s a genuinely nice guy.

K. Silard, Director of Corporate Relations, 
National Governors Assocation

It was great having you present to our Lake Michigan Club conference in Grand Geneva! Thanks again for all you do!

B. Peters, Regional Manager, National Association of Electrical Distributors

Thanks so much for speaking at the DFW CMSA conference. The Education Committee appreciates you talking about 21st century healthcare. You really helped DFW CMSA have a successful conference!

J. Carroll, Membership Secretary, DFW CMSA

I also wanted to let you know that the evaluations on your session were terrific. Over 90% of attendees rated it good to excellent, with the majority being excellent! It was a pleasure working with you!

D. Peters, Executive Director, ILCMA

I’m a member of the Washington Clean Technology Alliance and attended your presentation several weeks ago and was inspired by your talk. I just finished your book Turning the Future into Revenue. Lots to think about as I reinvent my business and great tools. Thanks!

R. Gastineau, WCTA Member

I continue to receive wonderful feedback from the board and staff about you and the retreat. The consensus was that it was a provocative and productive discussion, and the catalyst to drive future planning that we had hoped for.

Thank you so much for your keen insights as well as thoughtful and sensitive facilitation. It was clear how much you had immersed yourself in the museum world of issues, concerns and possibilities and that work obviously seeded some vibrant conversations.
M. Jordan, Vice Director, Seattle Art Museum

I wanted to thank you for the session you ran yesterday. I heard from many people how they felt it was wonderful and thought provoking. Some said it was the best retreat ever!

C. Wong, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research and Board Member,Seattle Art Museum

Thank you very much for your performance at theUkraine Innovation Conference in Kyiv this week. That was really great and very authoritative. Even now after the conference the speakers quote you!! The presentation was straight to the point and that was really great!

Thank you again for making this cooperation possible. Looking forward to working with you again in the FUTURE!
L. Logvinenko, Founder, Indigo People

Thanks for getting us off to a great start. You set the tone for an outstanding conference. You have such an excellent style of speaking and answering questions that causes people to have insight into the future. You are very good at showing us that we can determine what the future can be. I really enjoyed hearing you, as did others, as evidenced by their strong show of appreciation as you concluded.

T. Washington, Treasurer, Puget Sound Career Development Association

I wanted to share the results from the attendee surveys about [the conference] and your presentation in general. This [year received] a full 10 and 15 points above the 2009 conference [in the Extremely Well and Very Well ratings] respectively. Thank you very much for helping us achieve this. Specific presentations ratings are as follows:

Overall Your Session
Excellent: 28% 50%
Very Good: 44% 40%
Good: 25% 9%
Fair: 3% 1%
Poor: 0% 0%
G. Mauro, Program Director, The Conference Board

We continue to receive positive feedback from our participants regarding the conference but with special recognition to [you,] the keynote speaker. Attendees thoroughly enjoyed your insight as a futurist and thought your presentation style was quite engaging. Your contribution and time were a large part of the reason this year’s conference was a success.

P. Allen, HRATV Seminars Co-Chair

I loved seeing you in action! I thought you did a great job, too. The presentation was well organized, beautifully delivered and the right level of practicality for the members.

N. Truitt Pierce, President, Woods Creek Consulting Company

People raved about the event and came away informed, and even uplifted. Thanks for that and more.

E. Thomas, Publisher, Puget Sound Business Journal

The relevance and timeliness of your comments is appreciated, and will contribute to the enhancement of our marketing initiatives.

B. Wolfish, SVP, Corporate Marketing and Communications, Land O’ Lakes

Thanks for your good contribution and intervention!

V. De Molli, Managing Partner, Ambrosetti

Thank you for giving a keynote address during the recent NBIA conference in Seattle. Our audience certainly responded well, as your book was the best seller of this conference!

L. Schuenke, Training Coordinator, National Business Incubation Association

We heard many favorable comments from our audience members regarding your presentation and the opportunity that we have to shape the future of the forest products industry. Your comments were especially timely as we set the stage to sustain our working forests into the future. Everyone in attendance found your comments were very interesting, informative and thought provoking.

C. Mitchell, Senior Director, Strategic Communications, Washington Forest Protection Association

Bottom line is you sharing your insights into what’s in store for business leaders in the future was a great addition to the program. I hope you enjoyed your participation as much as our attendees appreciated your input.

M. B. Patton, President/CEO, Human Resources Management Association of Chicago

Thank you for speaking at our customer advisory meeting. Our customers thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. There wasn’t a person in the room who couldn’t identify with one of your scenarios. I hope you will come back and speak to our group in the future.

S. Marcus, Lexis Nexis, after annual customer advisory conference, Stone Mountain, Georgia

Your keynote presentation to the Aging conference was insightful and right on target. And as moderator you guided the policy maker panel to highlight key points in this critical topic.

T. Wade, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies,Georgia State University

This is not one of those presentations you just file and forget. This is going to change how we think and what we do, for a long time.


The information you presented was intriguing, very well researched and powerfully presented. You are invariably a high point in our year. We understand your time is valuable, and we appreciated your participation with this annual event, again, and the member discussion. We only wish we had had more time. We look forward to working with you again in the future!

N. Truitt Pierce, President, Woods Creek Consulting Company

Once again, thank you for such a terrific keynote at the conference! It was a pleasure meeting you and working with you.

S. Reynolds, Membership Services Manager, CML

This is the most inspired that I have been since graduate school, when Gene Roddenberry came to speak about the future and Star Trek!

Audience member comment

As usual your presentation was stimulating and very provocative. All the Kyocera comments I received, from both our senior management in the States as well as Japan were positive and complimentary. You certainly have a way of opening people’s minds and at the same time, being very entertaining.

R. Collins, VP Sales, Kyocera

The way you turned the often presumptuous crystal-ball gazing process into a realistic, logical outlook on society and technology evolution was remarkable. Your effervescent, witty style reminded me of BBC’s James Burke, creator and host of the TV series, The day the universe changed and Connections.

M.Cavalli, Olivetti Tecnost

Thank you for your hard work in making our Solutions World Sales Conference a huge success. The feedback on your keynote was extremely positive. I’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone looking for an informative, enlightening and entertaining presentation.

R. Choco, Marketing Development Manager, Attachmate

I have received more positive feedback from your presentation than any other I have been involved with.

D. Kunigonis, Manager, Boeing Airplane Company

Thank you for a Suuupppeeerrr job! Everyone commented on what an interesting and thought provoking keynote you gave at our Conference. You could have heard a pin drop from start to finish.

D. Cole, Association of Mortgage Brokers, Western States Conference

Your remarks were of great interest to the audience and effectively addressed many of the technology trends facing electric co-ops, their members, and the communities. Given that this was also the kick-off session for our New & Emerging Technologies Conference, your message helped set the tone for the remainder of the week.

M. Lowery, EVP, External Affairs, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

I have known Glen professionally for years, and have seen him working with large and small groups, and he has an almost-mystical ability to bring groups together and inspire them. He is also rather brilliant. I would recommend him without reservation.

M. Anderson, President, Technology Alliance Partners, Strategic News Service(tm)

I have heard many speakers on many topics in my years as an association executive, and can say without exaggeration that your presentation, Beyond 2001, was one of the most interesting programs I’ve heard in a long, long while. The content was fascinating, attention-holding, challenging, meaningful and was delivered in a down-to-earth, easy style.

B. Derr, Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors of North America

Two years after your speech we still talk about the concepts we heard that day. That’s impressive.

Hospital Executive 2 years after Annual Meeting Keynote

Having heard you 5 years ago I knew if I were ever in a position to make the decision it was you I would seek as a Keynoter. I can assure you, the group was astounded with the breadth of knowledge you have about our world and where we are likely headed. You left the audience challenged to think about their own futures. You impressed the audience further by tailoring the information to their concerns and interests, a sign of a truly knowledgeable and professional speaker.

G. Thomas, Executive Director, Seattle Executives Association

Every person evaluating the conference gave you the highest rating possible. Never in my 7 or 8 years has anyone received such a high rating.

T. Palmer, Association Executive, WOIS

Glen, your story-telling method of presentation is marvelous. Your stories make it safe for the audience to think about the future in a way that doesn’t make it overwhelming. We loved you.

B. Wood, New Horizons for Public Managers

I heard my first futurist, Alvin Toffler, twenty years ago, and what you presented today was just as thought provoking as what I remember from that time.

Academic Vice President, Community College

Thanks for the outstanding job you did at the High Technology and the Future of the American Economy conference. People are still talking about the stimulating presentation you made. If I can reciprocate, just whistle.

Congressman Jack Buechner

One of the best presentations yet! Glen was a real person. He was obviously intelligent and professional, but what was different, he was real.

R. Kissler, Manager, Hewlett-Packard Company

I enjoyed your speech the more so because of the spirited and extemporaneous delivery!

A. Wilson, Director International Public Relations,McDonnell Douglas