Fork in the Road Public Session to Feature Brenda and Bronwyn May 13, 2021

Fork in the Road Public Session to Feature Brenda and Bronwyn May 13, 2021

The Fork in the Road Project, based on the Fork in the Road Manifesto for which Glen Hiemstra was one of the authors, will offer its first session for the general public on May 13, 2021. Brenda Cooper and Bronwyn Williams, both with the Think Tank will each make short presentations. Why don’t you plan to attend, and register via EventBright? The program will be on Zoom and also live-streamed on YouTube.

Fork in the Road is the unique effort to knit four issues together each of which call for urgent policy action within a decade. These four are
1. Dealing with the climate crisis so that humans and all life can continue to flourish
2. Designing new economic and political frameworks, based on sustainable principles
3. Managing exponential, scientific and technological progress
4. Governing human enhancement, longevity, and human genome editing so that progress continues while consequences are carefully considered
One can indicate support by singing the Manifesto, as more and more people are signing on.

The one-hour program on May 13, 2021 will take place at 08:00 AM U.S. Pacific Daylight Time. The inaugural ForkTalk with speeches by Philip Kotler, Brenda Cooper, David Houle, Bronwyn Williams, hosted by Gerd Leonhard & Glen Hiemstra. This free FORK-TALK event will feature these 4 world-renowned keynote speakers each presenting a short talk, followed by Q&A:
Brenda Cooper on the Role of Science Fiction as a Visionary Tool
David Houle on Facing the Climate Crisis
Bronwyn Williams from South Africa on Re-Writing the Social Contract
Philip Kotler on Is World Capitalism Ready for Nordic Capitalism?

I hope that you might join us for this program.

Glen Hiemstra

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