The asteroid that was 30-seconds early.

The asteroid that was 30-seconds early.

November 10th, 2020 | Posted in Art & Society, Space

According to a 2017 BBC Documentary The Day the Dinosaurs Died suggests that had the dinosaur killing asteroid arrived 30-seconds later than it did, it would have landed in the Atlantic or Pacific, not on the Yucatan Peninsula. Had it done so it would have caused big waves and a lot of steam, but would not have thrown up all the pulverized rock that led to a fast global cooling that killed the dinosaurs (so the theory goes). Thus because the asteroid was 30-seconds early, the dinosaurs died out, and that enabled humans to eventually rise to dominance. Without that, this could still be a dinosaur planet. How about that! I wonder if they would be building rocket ships by now?

Glen Hiemstra

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