Vote Biden, for the Future

Vote Biden, for the Future

October 30th, 2020 | Posted in Asides, Environment & Energy

With just four days to go until the final day of this election, Nov. 3, 2020, I want to encourage you to vote, and to vote for Joe Biden & Kamala Harris, for the future. I believe it is critical for the near term, medium term and long-term future that the current Trump administration and the Trump Republican Party be repudiated and soundly defeated.

Many of you in the U.S. have already voted. If you have not yet voted, we are being advised not to vote by mail anymore at this point, as mail delivery is problematic (the postal service having been deliberately sabotaged) and a late arriving ballot may be subject to court challenge as the Republicans go all out to prevent people’s votes from being counted. Instead, even you have requested and received a mail-in or absentee ballot, go to this website, I Will Vote, to learn how you can deliver your ballot or vote in person. If you must vote in person, mask up and go – just as many generations risked their lives to make this nation, this is one of the times to take the same risk.

When I was a young futurist I was advised to not say anything political and to never reveal my political preferences. Doing so, I was told, could alienate a portion of the population who I could otherwise reach. Even today, many professional futurists carefully conceal their political opinions so as not to lose possible clients. (In 2008, when I wrote a very critical column about then Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, a large American retailer with whom I was negotiating a Leadership Development course notified me that the contract would not happen and, further, that I should never contact them again.)

The case was also made to me as a young futurist that it did not matter who the U.S. President was, as the forces that futurists deal with are larger and of course much longer term than any administration’s four- or eight-year term. But having lived through many presidential elections and experienced the results, I think this is wrong. Yes, there are very long-term forces at play that supersede administrations – solar power will continue to get cheaper, AI will continue to advance, and so on, no matter who is President. But from Reagan over Carter, to Bush over Gore, to Trump over Clinton we can see the profound impact both now and for the long-term of the policies that a President can set.

Later, I worked on a political campaign for one of the greatest of futurists, Barbara Marx Hubbard, who would have been very outspoken this year.

At stake this year is whether the U.S. takes a global leadership role to control the Virus or whether we let it run unchecked with millions of lives at stake. The same applies to climate change, whether the U.S. resumes a global role in trying to confront climate change, or simply denies that it’s a problem, withdraws from all global participation, and actively promotes climate killing policies. Also at stake are income inequality, racial division, honor and integrity in Oval Office, and, I fear, the very idea of democracy itself.

So, if you have not yet voted I encourage you to do so, and vote for Biden.

(Note that this is my opinion and that I am not speaking for the Think Tank participants, having not pre-cleared this with them.)

Glen Hiemstra

About Glen Hiemstra

Glen Hiemstra is the founder of An internationally respected expert on future trends, long-range planning and creating the preferred future, Glen has advised professional, business, and governmental organizations for three decades.


  1. Anne Boysen   |   Nov 2, 2020

    I fully support your endorsement, Glen. We are faced with complex problems and challenges, and a quickly closing window to resolve them. There’s not an extra minute to spare, let alone a presidential term. I hope we have been witnessing the death rattle of short term thinking. A rock bottom that will set us on a more constructive course. I see Biden-Harris being the only solution in that immediate future.

    Anne Boysen

  2. Brenda Cooper   |   Nov 2, 2020

    Hello Glen!
    I couldn’t agree more. We need a strong set of rational voices from both parties in a functional world. But nothing in the current GOP leadership feels functional to me. It sounds and feels small and hard and mean-spirited (I do not mean to paint every republican with this brush – just the leadership).
    Biden will be a good choice for us, and for our nation. As a futurist who cares greatly about issues which are bigger than American politics, like the environment, it’s crucial that we vote for a science-based administration that cares about more than its own power and riches. We need a leader who cares about the health of America and of our rich and varied ecosystems. This time around, Biden is the only reasonable choice.

  3. Richard Yonck   |   Oct 30, 2020

    Thank you, Glen. I agree with your endorsement and commend you on it. True, futurists are generally supposed to remain above and outside the fray, in order to maintain our objectivity. While this is a laudable goal, we are also OF the society and the world we study. In the face of what is a significant threat to the preferred futures of so many people, there comes a time when we need to ensure that our objective silence is not mistaken for approval. I appreciate the opportunity to comment on your post and wholeheartedly endorse Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I’ve already confirmed that my ballot has been received and encourage everyone who has not already done so to please VOTE. For our future.

    Richard Yonck
    Futurist Consultant/Author/Speaker

  4. Cindy Frewen   |   Oct 30, 2020

    Dear Glen,

    As one of the think tank members, I fully endorse your position. In terms of social, environmental, and economic issues, the long view can only mean Biden-Harris.

    PLEASE VOTE! It matters.

    Thank you for posting, Glen.

    Best wishes,

    Cindy Frewen