How Technology Can Give Your Employees Freedom

How Technology Can Give Your Employees Freedom

October 29th, 2019 | Posted in Business & Economy, Innovation

How Technology Can Give Your Employees Freedom

The future of work is a topic of constant interest to readers and we have regularly addressed the subject, for example, what your office might look like in 10 years. These days, employees want freedom more than ever before. So many factors contribute to a lack of focus in the workplace, i.e. managing a family, personal commitments, and generally hectic schedules. It can be difficult for modern-day workers to manage these commitments, while performing their best at work. Today’s workforce wants the freedom to get work done when it makes the most sense for themselves and their schedules. This is why employees favor the availability of working remotely either full- or part-time.

Business owners may be apprehensive about the possibility of allowing employees to work from home with some regularity, as they worry this will reduce daily productivity. Additionally, working from home would prove difficult for managers to keep track of the work their team members are producing. Fortunately, with the availability of the latest office technology, employers don’t have to worry about losing progress. Efficient remote work is made possible with new, innovative workflow technology.

Work With What They Already Know

Keeping up-to-date with modern technology is extremely important to keep employees happy and comfortable with the tools they use. Employees prefer that the technology they use at work is similar to the tech they use in their personal lives because they are already familiar with the way these tools work. When employees already know how to use these tools, they are able to get more work accomplished, as less time is wasted learning how to use the technology their job has provided them with.

This is why implementing a mobile phone policy at work has proven to be a success for many businesses. Whether your team’s work requires them to go door-to-door acquiring new sales leads or your team wants greater flexibility with work from home privileges, enabling a mobile-powered workforce starts with the proper changes to your employee handbook. Having a standardized and widespread policy in place can help ensure that your company receives all the benefits that come with mobile accessibility while mitigating the risk of personal distractions

Make Management Easier for Everyone

For employers and managers alike, planning and keeping track of team progress is easily accomplished with project management software. There are a wealth of software programs for companies that exist to aid in workflow management. Project management software, specifically, is of special importance for monitoring employee productivity from any location, and since these platforms are hosted online, anyone on your team is able to view, update, or track your projects on small, daily tasks or larger goals. Managers can easily see step-by-step progress, monitor the number of hours spent on each assignment for accurate invoicing, and can maintain a level of connectedness with their team, no matter where either party is working from.

Try Something New for Communication

Plenty of businesses struggle to accurately share ideas from person to person, and this issue is only exacerbated when your teams don’t have the opportunity to speak face-to-face. In addition to keeping the office updated with the latest tech for employee happiness and productivity, making use of a unified communications application will allow for company communications to be synchronized easily across multiple business applications. This advancement keeps company dialogue organized, so that collaboration is easily carried over from app to appt. Employees can still use the communication apps they prefer for their workflow, but now they are able to easily switch between communication channels with teammates on collaborative projects.

Set Your Employees Free

Equipping employees with the above tools gives employees the freedom to work from anywhere. When employees are given the choice to work from home, and have the tools they need to stay on track and connected with coworkers, productivity levels will soar. Employees prefer to make their own schedules, and don’t want to be heavily monitored by bosses. When workers are trusted to get their work done in any way that makes them feel most comfortable, they are more likely to achieve higher levels of success and stay with their employer for a longer period of time.

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