“Out There” Jobs of the Future

“Out There” Jobs of the Future

May 11th, 2018 | Posted in Science & Tech, Space, Uncategorized

What are some possible jobs of the future? This week Entrepreneur.com interviewed me for story on the future of work and jobs. The writer, Hayden Field wanted ideas about jobs that do not exist yet, but will likely be work options for the future. Of course one cannot know for sure, but I suggested these, all of them featured and explained in the Entrepreneur.com article.

  • Autonomous vehicle pilot – control room pilots who monitor many vehicles, take over when needed
  • AI Ethicist – AI devices and machines will face ethical decisions which have to be designed in
  • Human trait designer – advances in genetic engineering bring us to brink of designing people
  • Space habitat designer – as thousands then millions move into space, they need places to live
  • Space community planner – becoming multi-planetary means actual communities on the moon, Mars, and others.
  • Other jobs of the future

  • Car companion for autonomous vehicles
  • Cultural preservationist
  • Rotating elderly companions
  • The future of work is a major interest here at Futurist.com, and you can read more here and here. Futurist.com has more future of work resources if you search around.

    Right now, check out this excellent new article in Entrepreneur.com.

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    1. Pallav Gogoi   |   May 12, 2018

      Human trait designer will surely need someone with a higher understanding of Human Behavior and Interpersonal skill. It will be a highly-paying job.

      • Glen Hiemstra   |   May 14, 2018

        Yes, this will be a high paying, technical job. The idea of designing human traits will also receive a lot of push back, as it makes people uneasy, but in the end I do think that, perhaps with some limits, this idea will go forward.