Future City – Smart, Connected, Solar, Sustainable

Future City – Smart, Connected, Solar, Sustainable

Imagine the city of tomorrow, not the distant future but a decade or two from now. That city could, if we choose, be smart, connected, solar, sustainable. In fact it could be beyond sustainable.

This was the assignment I took from First Utility in the UK. Click through to the full article at their site, where I describe a completely plausible future city that has these features…

    Energy efficiency
    Low carbon energy sources
    Living buildings
    Electrified transportation
    Sustainable businesses
    Resource systems integration using the Internet of Things
    Forward looking planning, a redesign of our cities

Glen Hiemstra

About Glen Hiemstra

Glen Hiemstra is the founder of Futurist.com. An internationally respected expert on future trends, long-range planning and creating the preferred future, Glen has advised professional, business, and governmental organizations for three decades.