The future and energy

The future and energy

October 28th, 2016 | Posted in Business & Economy, Environment & Energy

Early in October I had the opportunity to address the annual energy customer conference of the DHL company, in Houston. DHL provides extensive logistic support to the oil, gas, renewable energy sectors, from package to equipment delivery to warehousing services. The gathering in Houston consisted mostly of oil and gas exploration and service companies. The day-long conference focused on how they can use logistics to cut costs, which is imperative in a future world where they do not expect substantially higher prices for oil and gas. In my speech on the future and energy, I tried to nudge them toward an understanding that renewables are about to disrupt the traditional fossil fuel industry even further, not because they are more environmentally sound, which they are, but because, as manufactured technologies, renewables are becoming inexorably cheaper. Even natural gas faces this competition for electricity generation in the near future. Here is my slide deck…

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