Digital Future Life

Digital Future Life

August 8th, 2016 | Posted in Art & Society, Science & Tech

Our digital future life as seen by Cable Labs, an R&D outfit funded by cable companies. What do you think?

Glen Hiemstra

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  1. Eduardo   |   Aug 17, 2016

    Excellent video. What I most liked, was the fact that even though gaming and the digital world seem to push people apart, if put into good use, it can bring people more together than ever. And not just in a virtual sense, but as the end showed, as a family reunion, where at least for a minute family members can share thoughts, feelings and experience.

  2. Dawn   |   Aug 12, 2016

    I can see this being used in multiple ways. i work in a hospital and a child who had these glasses might be transported to a different less scary place, Same could be said for adults. I wonder if you could build a computer prototype and use the glasses to “walk” through the object. Might make finding errors easier. i can see this in building processes, and anywhere where you have a process that needs to be tested.

  3. Leah MacVie   |   Aug 10, 2016

    Wow- our lives in the future seem to be filled with lots of games! I think Corning’s A Day Made of Glass videos are more insightful:

    • Glen Hiemstra   |   Aug 10, 2016

      Yes I rather agree on both points. But it was fun to see likely uses for AR and VR.

  4. Glen Hiemstra   |   Aug 10, 2016

    Gerd, responding to your thoughts at
    Thanks for linking over. Yes a good video and I do think AR and VR will be mostly game oriented initially – the glasses themselves will have to get to this kind of easily wearable state for wide spread adoption. The best part of this video though, for me, was the remote-work scene with multi-views and multi-people. I worry a little less than you about people disappearing entirely into the virtual world. I will be getting to your new book soon.