Remembering Alvin Toffler

Remembering Alvin Toffler

June 29th, 2016 | Posted in Art & Society

We lost a great one today, arguably the great futurist who put the profession on the map. Alvin Toffler will be missed.

On the third anniversary of 9/11 I experienced a career highlight when Mr. Toffler and I were the two guests on the Los Angeles NPR station for an hour, remembering the event and exploring what the future might hold.

I remember when Toffler’s book Future Shock swept college campuses in the 1970’s, changed our view of the future, and imbedded a new meme in global culture. It is not out the question to claim that much of today’s global turmoil is a form of future shock, a battle between the past and the future.

We owe Alvin Toffler a lot.

Glen Hiemstra

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  1. Eirik Newth   |   Jun 29, 2016

    I would love to listen to that NPR show you mention. You wouldn’t by any chance have a link to it?

    • Glen Hiemstra   |   Jun 30, 2016

      That was the LA NPR station in 2004. There may be a deep archive of it somewhere, not something I have.

      Glen Hiemstra