Future of Transportation

Future of Transportation

December 9th, 2015 | Posted in Transportation

DC Metro TPB 50 Anniversary

I am about to keynote the 50th Anniversary of the Transportation Planning Board for the Washington DC Metro Council of Governments, here in Washington DD. As the Board began 50 years ago, they’ve asked me to share thoughts on the next 50 years of transportation. I am honored to do so. I think the odds that the next 50 years will differ from the past 50 are pretty high. I’ll suggest that transportation in 2065 will be as different as 1965, when they began, was from about 1900. Its hard to imagine autonomous vehicles, mostly or exclusively electric, not being dominant, with all the possible changes that can bring to city design, life style, economy, energy use and environmental sustainability. If you are in DC perhaps I will see you there.

Glen Hiemstra

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