Future of Transportation and Energy

Future of Transportation and Energy

Glenwith3PcI had the opportunity to keynote the annual Landmark Solutions Innovation Forum and Expo. Landmark, a Halliburton business line, is the leading technology solutions provider of data and analytics, science, software, and services for the exploration and development of energy. In the speech I address the future of energy, of transportation, of information technology, and the larger and rapidly changing future context in which these futures will unfold.

Glen Hiemstra

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Glen Hiemstra is the founder and owner of Futurist.com. An internationally respected expert on future trends, long-range planning and creating the preferred future, Glen has advised professional, business, and governmental organizations for two decades.

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  1. Per Fagereng   |   Nov 3, 2015

    Two questions:
    –Doesn’t $20 oil have a bad impact? It’s unprofitable to get the tough oil.
    –With all our “smart things” why is US foreign policy so dumb? I’m not being facetious.