Bob Gale Tells Final Tale of Back to the Future II

Bob Gale Tells Final Tale of Back to the Future II

October 23rd, 2015 | Posted in Art & Society

USA Today published what I think is the definitive piece on what the Back to the Future II script got right and wrong, because the article is written by the head script writer of the movie, Bob Gale. It is terrific, check it out. It appears that the film makers were in fact trying for more “accuracy” in 2015 that we might think. Bob also speculates on what the future 30 years from now may be like – virtual reality, people own fewer things, fewer jobs, advanced robots, Google MD with related privacy issues, cash still used, crises with entitlement costs, unemployment, student debt and the tenuousness of our global economy, nostalgia for the old days, hoverboard parks but no flying cars, and, finally, the Cubs win the World Series.

Bob Gale is a heck of a futurist as well as a writer.

Glen Hiemstra

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