Preferred Future Planning: Future thought of the week

Preferred Future Planning: Future thought of the week

July 6th, 2015 | Posted in Innovation, Planning Futuring Strategy

MostPlanningMost planning is a search for a more efficient past, rather than a search for a truly new future. This happens often unintentionally. People would like a new vision. But they focus their planning on extrapolating past and current trends into the future, based on assumptions they make about what will increase or decrease, grow or shrink, speed up or slow down. Then, they look at past goals and objectives and re-shape them for the imagined new environment based on their trend analysis. And thus, they end up with an elegant plan to create a more efficient past.

Rather than working in that way, an alternative which I call preferred future planning begins with envisioning an alternative and preferred future. This can be truly new or different. Assessing trends becomes a way of increasing creativity in the vision and a part of asking how the trends will impact the vision, rather than an exercise in merely identifying trends and getting ready for them.

It is a different way of approaching planning. It is more intuitive and value based, relying more on creative thinking and heart-felt aspiration.

Glen Hiemstra

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