An Unexpected Future?

An Unexpected Future?

February 15th, 2015 | Posted in Art & Society, Business & Economy, Science & Tech

George Dvorsky suggests 11 ways that the future could turn out differently than we expect, in a recent article at io9. Its not an especially happy list, but worth a read for sure. Or perhaps an unexpected future is just what you expect. The 11 are…

1. There could be a resurgence of authoritarian rule.
2. We could have even less privacy.
3. Our future could be in inner space – not intersteller space.
4. Bugginess may be seen as a tech feature.
5. We may never solve the ‘hard problem’ of consciousness.
6. Human enhancements may never be allowed.
7. Advanced AI could always be one step ahead of us.
8. A third world war.
9. We may grow to hate virtual reality.
10. Ten billion humans by 2100 could be seen as a success.
11. Utopia may not look anything we’ve imagined.

ht to David Brin via FB.

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