Did Back to Future Get 2015 Right?

Did Back to Future Get 2015 Right?

December 6th, 2014 | Posted in Art & Society

You might recall that the movie Back to the Future II, made in 1989, involved Doc and Marty time traveling to … 2015. Because of that I’ve been getting lots of calls for interviews on what the film makers got right and wrong about the year 2015. It is fun thing to consider. If you have not seen the movie for a while, or never saw it, check it out. The first 30 minutes especially are a tour de force of sight gags anticipating the world of 2015. Flat screens, video calls, hover boards… check. Flying cars, time machines, fusion flux reactors…not yet. Phone booths and fax machines everywhere? Well that is how the dominant tech of any current day can bias our future views.

Of the interviews I’ve done, the first to air is Seattle’s own “Evening Magazine.” Check out their brief story.

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