Top 10 Future Careers: 2050 and 2100

Top 10 Future Careers: 2050 and 2100

iStock_000005407395LargeIn 2001 Glen wrote a blog called Top 10 Future Careers.  Now here’s what we’re thinking about future employment.

Popular Careers in 2050:

• Dental Hygienist
• Human Resources Specialist
• Pharmacist
• Biotechnology Salesman
• Biomedical Engineer
• Entrepreneur
• Programmer/Software Developer
• Network and Computer Systems Administrator
• Lawyer
• Nuclear and Solar Power Engineer

Popular Careers in 2100:

• Gene Programmer
• Food Engineer
• Bioengineer
• Brain Augmenter
• Weather Controller
• Spaceport Traffic Control
• Human-related Spacecraft Maintenance
• Nature Conservationist
• Ethics Lawyer- for memory augmentation, genetic programming, etc.
• Domestic Robot Programmer

What do you think jobs will look like in 2050 or 2100? Let us know in the comments.

Glen Hiemstra

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  1. Cathy Severson   |   Apr 22, 2013

    I was surprised that Dental Hygienist was #1. I’m sure the order was random, but that caught me as interesting.

    When I look back at how the world has changed in the last 100 years and try to speculate where we’ll be at 2100, it’s pretty overwhelming. Most of your careers are techno related and yet, I wonder how people will be making livelihood-working for corporations, entrepreneurial, government? That’s going to be interesting. What will the nature of commerce/business/labor be in 2100?

    • Glen Hiemstra   |   Apr 26, 2013

      Cathy, yes dental hygienist was a little surprising. I suspect this is the deal – evolution made a bit of a miss on our teeth, in that we can live for 75-100+ years and most do these days. But, without care our teeth are only good for about 30 years (interesting that this was the assumed life span of humans not so long ago). So, in a world of more people, living longer, and in which dentists are expensive and not needed for routine maintenance, then lots of work for hygienists. Maybe technology or smart drugs could solve this, but nothing in the works really. So there you go! Thanks for commenting.

  2. jscn Bach   |   Apr 16, 2013

    I am amazed to see that your lists of the popular careers in the future do not contain any finance related careers. I wonder what a society would be like without finance.

    • Glen Hiemstra   |   Apr 16, 2013

      Can’t argue with that, finance is a rather larger job category today and is likely to be around in 2050 and 2100.

    • John Pender   |   Apr 18, 2013

      A future world without finance…come and visit us here in Ireland or Portugal or Greece or Italy…