Create the future by Crafting the Best End Game

Create the future by Crafting the Best End Game

March 18th, 2011 | Posted in Business & Economy

Cord Cooper of Investors Business Daily’s just posted a very nice and quite cleverly worded summary of my approach to futuring as written in my book, Turning The Future Into Revenue. In his article, Craft the Best Endgame, Mr. Cooper begins by saying,

Building your firm hinges on checking three outcomes: what’s likely, what’s possible, what’s best. Going for the last is what separates great outfits from wannabes, notes Glen Hiemstra, author of “Turning the Future Into Revenue.”

Mr. Cooper goes on to title some of the futuring or long range planning steps that I advocate in my book as follows:

  • View
  • Move It
  • Look Up
  • Grasp It
  • Remember
  • With a bit of wisdom from Ken Blanchard and Arnold Goldstein added in, you have a simple guide to creating the preferred future. Recommended.

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