California Dreams: Visions for the Future

California Dreams: Visions for the Future

March 16th, 2011 | Posted in Innovation

I think it’s time for something uplifting. A couple of weeks ago I met Kate McCallum, Executive Director of the Center for Conscious Creativity. The Center aims “to create a better future through arts, media and entertainment.”

The meeting involved a potential project about which I hope to reveal more at another time. But as a result of this meeting I was privileged to be in on the announcement later that week that Kate was among the winners of an exciting video competition, called California Dreams. The project invited people to imagine the future of California, whether the vision is of growth, reinvention, or collapse and then to submit a video of a day in the life in that new world. The entries are varied and quite wonderful.

Five winners were selected, among them this entry by Kate McCallum, entitled Positive Futures Arts and Media, a dream of Transformation. I loved it because it is very, very good, and because it resonates with my own approach to the future here at The video opens with the line, “The cosmic alarm clock is ringing. And we keep pushing the snooze button…” Enjoy.

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