Future Careers and Aging

Future Careers and Aging

March 20th, 2009 | Posted in Art & Society, Health

Not long ago I had the opportunity to interview Jan Reha, whose company is Career Discovery, Inc. We talked about the challenge of career adjustment in the current economy. Jan aims her practice at people in transition, as well as a wider clientele, and I asked her specifically what she is advising older workers, as they look ahead. Her advice?

1. People have to change their mindsets, about retirement at 65, an “artifact of the manufacturing age.”

2. If you have a job, hold on to it.

3. Downsize your life-style and expectations, hard though that us,

4. Go back and get some training.

We are in a time of of a transition. Time to keep changing folks. Watch the interview below.

(Jan also interviewed me, about Futurist.com, and you can see that video here.)

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