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AquaCurrent Science

One the most unusual and enjoyable jobs I have had as a futurist came in late winter this year, for Proctor & Gamble Beauty, a job which I did via DeVries Public Relations of New York. DeVries was recently named the Consumer PR firm of the year.

The job involved a new product introduction by P&G Beauty, a line of products based on new science called Aquacurrent, which itself was based on the nobel-prize winning discovery of “aquaporins.” The latter are proteins that channel water through the millions of human cells. Working with this discovery, P&G scientists (did you know they have one of the largest R&D teams in the world?) reformulated several branded products, and created new ones, all designed to enhance the movement and retention of moisture.

What did they want from a futurist at the product launch in New York? I helped to research and then did a scene-setting presentation on the channeling of water, from ancient canals to current day closed-loop green buildings to micro and nano-channeling of water in medical and filtration devices. Water is life was the theme.

Check out the press release on Aquacurrent Sciencefrom Devries and P&G.

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