Professional Organizations Going Green

Professional Organizations Going Green

September 27th, 2007 | Posted in Art & Society, Business & Economy, Environment & Energy

By the time Friday morning is over, I’ll have given two speeches in a week. Now, since I’m so busy, I only give about five keynotes a year, so this is pretty unusual. As different as the two industries I’m speaking to (restaurants and architects) are, I noticed a really pleasing similarity.
The Oregon Restaurant Leadership Conference, held earlier this week, devoted a whole track to sustainable practices. They write about sustainability in their newsletters. Some of their members have won statewide awards.
The American Institute of Architects is aggressively working on green building practices. They have a Sustainability 2030 program that encourages sound and green building and retrofits. It’s worth dropping by the site and looking at the incredible amount of detail and useful information they’ve posted on the site to help their members.
If these two industries rare representative of others, we might still be able to pass a nicely livable world on to those who follow us.

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  1. Peter Whitlock   |   Nov 12, 2007

    going green is a fast thing and to wait long times is a cop-out on the duty.
    Electric cars and other devices taken from the market is a crime against Humanity and no one has taken car compabnies to court for holding back vital devices in order to make personal profits and manipulate the populations… close GM as a warning to the others and watch how fast this planet changes its Ugly tune to green song!

    Talk is cheak and small efforts are not going to cut it but court cases make the word tremble on the verge of change.

  2. Glen Hiemstra   |   Sep 30, 2007


    I find that specific businesses are a little slower on the going green. Nice job with the these associations. Glad you got to speak to them.