Appearing in MSNBC online

Appearing in MSNBC online

June 9th, 2007 | Posted in Business & Economy, Science & Tech

Glen Hiemstra (that’s me) is among a few featured experts in a current article at MSNBC. In a story by Allison Linn, entitled “Big business in seeing the future of business,” I make comments on global warming and the future of autos. It is an extensive and interesting article, and good company to be part of.

I had a rather incredible week. It began with an amazing visit to AltairNano, and meeting with their most impressive team, including CEO Alan Gotcher. This multifaceted company is leveraging several developments that use its process for working with lithium, titanium and other elements to produce nanoparticles. The most exciting application appears to be their NanoSafe batteries, which have performance characteristics that suggest a quantum leap in the potential for plug-in electric cars and for stationary power. More on all of this in the next few days. Suffice it to say that walking into their proprietary manufacturing facility for production of the nanoparticles was truly like walking into the future. And driving the all-electric SUV they have developed with Phoenix Motorcars was fun, and eye opening. Just as you have heard, if you’ve paid attention to the characteristics of all-electrics, the pick up is great, the ride smooth and silent. For now, check out the AltairNano website.

While in Reno I had the pleasure of meeting the Student Services staff at University of Nevada Reno, and conducted a half-day workshop with them. You can find the story and a PDF version of my presentation at their website.

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