Ticking Time Bombs

Ticking Time Bombs

November 7th, 2006 | Posted in Art & Society

It looks like, near midnight Pacific Time on Election day in the U.S., a new day is dawning in the U.S. Congress, as anticipated below. Watch for more comment tomorrow.

I have been thinking about the likelihood that new Congressional leadership is about to emerge in Washington DC. More and more political races are shifting, in final pre-election polls, to the Democratic side. Let’s suppose that a power shift indeed takes place on November 7, 2006. Will this new leadership be any more capable of confronting the real future, and not some fantasy world?

In a new article, Ticking Time Bombs I lay out seven key challenges that we face. They are not mysterious. They are obvious if you but open your eyes. But, the question is whether our national leaders will continue to look the other way? Will they focus on distracting the public with divisive issues? Divided government will encourage this, but no more than these tactics have been used in our recent period of one-party rule.

Perhaps this will be a time that we turn to reality, and begin to develop real solutions to these ticking time bombs. But first we have to ask, “What are we not seeing today, even though the evidence is right in front of us?”

Glen Hiemstra

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