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October 10th, 2011 | By Glen Hiemstra | Posted in Site News | 9 Comments

Fraud Alert for my fellow Speakers

If you are a professional speaker, be aware there is a quite slick Internet fraud out there. You get an email inviting you to speak at at a conference in Scotland (in my case) four weeks from now; the email comes from a Baptist Pastor. An internet search finds that this Pastor has indeed been assigned to the church in question, (Whytescauseway Baptist Church across the bay from Edinburgh) on Sep. 4, 2011. The offer is for a full speaking fee and travel, making mention of your profile in eSpeakers (where such fees are listed). While it is unclear how a church is getting that kind of money, if you indicate interest, you receive a formal invite letter and contract on [fake] Church letterhead from the event manager, who is a new name. The contract is quite detailed and typical of a European speaking contract, right up to the 50% deposit, the time and place of the event (the place is real when you look it up on the Net), and the fact that dress will be “business and business casual.” After returning the contract you get an email saying you will need a UK and Scottish work permit, for which an application fee is required. When you check at the UK Border Office web site, there are indeed work permits, applications and fees. The email from the scammer says by good fortune a church member works in the Border Office and can expedite your permit by carrying the application and fee in by hand, if you wire the application fee to her. Enough said.

I know of at least two other U.S. speakers caught in the scam so far. When, with better due diligence, I tracked down the real Pastor, he confirmed that they are aware of the scam and that the UK Police have been investigating for two weeks. I also contacted eSpeakers, who say they too have been aware of the scam, and that their marketing department is considering what to do.

So, if you are a pro speaker, and you get a letter saying hey, Person X and Glen Hiemstra and Person Y are all speaking at our event and you should too, you will know what is up. Bummer.

Note: this appears to have nothing to do with the actual Whytescauseway Baptist Church, which is also a victim of the scam.

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August 2nd, 2011 | By Glen Hiemstra | Posted in Environment & Energy, Innovation | Comments Off

Carbon Nation – the Movie – Now on DVD and Recommended

Carbon Nation is now available on DVD and on most download and On Demand sites. This important, entertaining and hopeful documentary, produced by Peter Byck, is highly recommended by us here at Read the press release here. Learn how to order the film here.

I saw Carbon Nation this spring when Boeing sponsored a premier here in Seattle, and we blogged at that time that it would be come the “new must see film on our common future.” In the movie Peter travels throughout the country documenting amazing stories of individuals and companies who are creating the next clean and low-carbon energy future. If you see climate change as a problem, or if you don’t but would like cleaner and cheaper energy anyway, this film tells you how it can be done, and is already being done.

We encourage you to buy the DVD, and what we are really recommending is that companies, educational institutions, and conference events consider a bulk purchase of DVD’s for use as a premium, an educational asset, or strategic planning tool. Carbon Nation would be terrific for any of those uses, and I have already begun talking with one speaking event I am doing about the possibility of a purchase and give-away of the DVD to those in attendance.

By the way, our new Office Manager, Mallory Smith, university graduate this year, just watched the DVD and loved it. If you have a message that speaks to both the sustainability and next jet fuel managers at Boeing, as well as the most recent college grads, chances are you have message that is worth watching.

To order the DVD or to inquire about a bulk purchase we suggest you contact Carbon Nation directly at You can always contact us at for information.

One more important announcement: We are pleased to announce that Peter will become a featured associate at, and is available for public speaking events where he can show the film and talk about it, or in a shorter format provide a presentation sprinkled with excerpts from the movie. Peter has over 20 years experience as a director and editor. His first documentary “Garbage” won the South by Southwest Film Festival, screened in scores of festivals and played at the Museum of Modern Art and Lincoln Center. In addition, he has edited documentaries for Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” and “King Kong.” As an associate, he will be available for speaking engagements and we will also be looking for ways to develop collaborative projects. There will be more news to come on that in our next newsletter. Contact us at about arranging a speech by Peter.

The Movie Trailer

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January 10th, 2011 | By Catherine Otten | Posted in Business & Economy | Comments Off

The New Pay Gap: Boomers, Gen-X, and Millennials

Forbes Pay Gap

Glen was recently interviewed by Meghan Casserly of Forbes Magazine about the pay gap that many employees in younger generations are now dealing with. Meghan’s key point is that wage stagnation now for the Millennials may have long-term consequences for their career income, an idea that Glen agrees with. But as usual, Glen had additional insight and good information on the subject.

While Hiemstra agrees that Gen Y has suffered a financial blow, he points to evidence that their values—the way they think about money–are shifting in a positive way, just maybe as a result. “Even before the recession took hold, Millennials were already in the process of redefining the American Dream—downshifting away from big income to other strong values,” he says. It’s a world view that depends less on financial success than personal goals and emotional connections, he says. Millennials have become less concerned about becoming wealthy than Gen X and the Baby boomers before them.

“Sure, it’s been reinforced by the economy,” says Hiemstra. But while it’s easy to understand a shift towards frugality in particularly tough times, he also sees it as a “truly a significant value shift that’s not likely to change back when the economy recovers.”

You can read the full article on the Forbes Website.

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October 25th, 2010 | By Glen Hiemstra | Posted in Business & Economy, New at | Comments Off

The Futures Agency

We are proud to share Gerd Leonard‘s announcement of his new virtual organization, The Futures Agency (TFA). TFA is based in Basel, Switzerland and is currently comprised of 15 amazing associates including myself. The Futures Agency offers a wide variety of services to clients worldwide.

The Futures Agency

TFA’s main expertise is think-tank events, workshops and executive team seminars. These sessions are 100% customized for each client and are generally geared towards companies that are looking to identify, fine-tune or co-create new business opportunities, manage radical change, deal with disruption, speed up innovation or otherwise face large and urgent strategic decisions that may require immediate action. These events are usually done with at least 2 or more Associates, and can be located wherever the client requires.

Gerd Leonard will serve as CEO and plans to grow this organization into one of the most amazing agencies on the planet, employing these 5 key principles:

    1. Knowledge grows when shared (therefore we share everything)
    2. Proudly find elsewhere (PFE)
    3. Do what you do best and link to the rest (Jeff Jarvis)
    4. Spend less time being important and more time being relevant
    5. The leaders of the future are connectors – not just directors

I have worked with Gerd for several years, most notably when we produced the video series Future Talks. I am pleased to join in this venture.

Einstein Quote

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January 20th, 2010 | By Glen Hiemstra | Posted in Innovation | 2 Comments

Future of Health Care Reform in U.S. Now

The standard chorus today, following a win by Senator Elect Brown in Massachusetts, is that health care reform is either dead, or must be substantially revised to be passed into law.

I don’t know that it is dead, but it is on life support.

Somehow, in the very long process of developing the current legislation, the simple messages of improving access, covering everyone, and controlling costs, got lost.

Now, what is the way forward if you think that for the U.S. to be #1 in the world in health care spending but #37 in quality, with tens of millions uncovered, is not a good thing?

I think, and admit I missed this early on, that the simple solution would be best. This might be a piece-meal approach, or even better it could be this from Ezra Klein at the Washington Post:

“Medicare buy-in between 50 and 65. Medicaid expands up to 200 percent of poverty with the federal government funding the whole of the expansion. Revenue comes from a surtax on the wealthy.

And that’s it. No cost controls. No delivery-system reforms. Nothing that makes the bill long or complex or unfamiliar…”

Not likely to happen, but it would be a wise option.

Glen Hiemstra is a futurist speaker, author, consultant, blogger, internet video host and Founder of To arrange for a speech contact

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