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December 20th, 2010 | By Catherine Otten | Posted in Business & Economy | Comments Off

Newly posted videos of past keynote speeches

ACE logo We are continuously updating the website and have added a couple of full-length keynote speech videos from 2008 that we especially like. The first is a keynote speech from the 2008 annual convention of ACE Hardware franchise owners. In this video Glen addresses long term trends, and shorter term consumer trends. Following the speech a franchisee commented that this was the best keynote at an ACE event in 40 years.

We hope you enjoy viewing Glen’s work and we will likely have more videos to post soon. If you are interested in hiring Glen, you can learn more about what he does by reading our keynote speech page and our strategic planning page, or by contacting us for more information. To see what previous clients think of Glen, take a look at our client comments. Thanks for your interest!

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January 22nd, 2009 | By Glen Hiemstra | Posted in Science & Tech | 1 Comment

Technology Advances

The idea of controlling machines with your mind has been a long-time quest. Now, as early as the Fall of 2009, you may be able to buy a game device with which you can train your mind to move matter with a machine. The concept was shown at the recent Las Vegas consumer electronics show, and the BBC has the video, which you should link to here. It is a toy, but still, it does use brainwaves to move something.

In a similar way, there has been a quest in field of nanotechnology to invent machines small enough to operate within the human body. Making things that small (the size of blood cells and smaller) is not so much the issue any longer. The challenge has remained to make such machines move in the body, to deliver drugs for example or to assist in surgery. In other words, they need a motor. Now, a team of researchers has invented one possible answer, and once again the video can be seen at the BBC, here.

Check these out. Each invention suggests that when it comes to technology, there is always another idea just over the horizon.

Glen Hiemstra is a futurist speaker, consultant, blogger, internet TV show host and founder of To arrange for a speech contact

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January 21st, 2009 | By Glen Hiemstra | Posted in Environment & Energy | Comments Off

Four Peaks we don’t want to climb

Via The Oil Drum, we learn about the current world energy conference being held in Dubai. The conference began with an address by Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange and the Netherlands, who is “perhaps the only prince in the world who regularly uses a bike to get around and save fossil fuels…”

Being Dutch by heritage, I wanted to know what he said. You can link to the full speech, or read this summary provided at OilDrum. He began with comments on the four impending energy peaks.

Ladies and gentlemen, did you know that when the Roman Empire finally collapsed, large parts of Europe had been deforested. Acres of forestland had been cleared for farmland and to provide firewood. Wood and food were essential, to maintain the Roman Empire. To meet their short term needs, the Romans overexploited their prime energy resource. They did not think about the consequences for later generations. So the demise of a seemingly invincible civilization was partially due to the unsustainable use of their prime energy resource. The question is, are we going to be any wiser?

What the Romans were experiencing, we would now describe as peak wood. Reaching a point of maximum production after which it enters terminal decline. We are now facing a century of at least four undesirable peaks, peak oil, peak gas, peak coal and peak uranium. Mountaineers may be proud to conquer peaks, but there is no reason whatsoever for us to be proud. We can, however, change the course of history. The technologies we need are there.

Hardly a day goes by that I do not see or read or hear, on a blog, in a letter to the editor, on a website, at CNBC, the claim that we have centuries of conventional energy supply, and thus all warnings about energy use are, well, useless. The Prince disagrees, as do I.

Glen Hiemstra is a futurist speaker, consultant, blogger, internet TV show host and founder of To arrange for a speech contact

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October 3rd, 2008 | By Glen Hiemstra | Posted in Site News | Comments Off

Futurist Speaker Sample Video at YouTube

For a long time visitors here have been able to view my futurist keynote speaking sample video here at the website. That video, a variety of short cuts from my futurist speeches is now available at YouTube, in my YouTube channel, futuristtube. At YouTube you can see more of our videos by searching for futuristtube.

As a keynote speaker and consulting futurist, it is my work as a futurist speaker that I most enjoy. Hope you like this video. We are preparing to produce a new keynote speaking sample based on 2008 speeches on the future.

Here is the YouTube version of “Futurist Keynote Speaker Glen Hiemstra”

My next keynotes will be for AAA of Washington, the Housing Colorado annual conference in Breckenridge, HRMAC annual conference in Chicago, ISOTech 2008 in Las Vegas, Boise Chamber annaul economic forecast breakfast in Boise, and the Washington Forest Protection Association in Olympia, Washington.

Glen Hiemstra is a futurist speaker, consultant, blogger, internet TV show host and founder of To arrange for a speech contact

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August 1st, 2008 | By Glen Hiemstra | Posted in Future of Terror, Innovation | 5 Comments

The Future of Terrorism

In 2004 I wrote an article here on how a relatively simple approach could end the war on terrorism. A few people told me they wished it could be communicated to officials.

This week a new report from the Rand Corporation affirmed the same approach that seemed logical to me in 2004.

You can read my whole 2004 article here, but in brief it seemed to me that the logical approach would include:
1. Insist on 2-state solution in Middle East.
2. Declare an end to Middle East oil imports in 10 years.
3. Set a date to withdraw U.S. troops from the Middle East within 10 years.
4. Declare that terror attacks anywhere will be met with law enforcement and, only where necessary, military responses.
5. Strenthen global intelligence efforts.
6. Declare that any nation state that assists terrorism will be isolated, particularly from airplane travel and internet access.
7. Attack regions of world that breed terrorists…with massive education and development assistance.
8. Push the re-start button on the 21st Century.

In their report “How Terrorist Groups End” the Rand group recommends, in short:

* Make policing and intelligence the backbone of U.S. efforts. Al Qa’ida consists of a network of individuals who need to be tracked and arrested. This requires careful involvement of the Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as their cooperation with foreign police and intelligence agencies.
* Minimize the use of U.S. military force. In most operations against al Qa’ida, local military forces frequently have more legitimacy to operate and a better understanding of the operating environment than U.S. forces have. This means a light U.S. military footprint or none at all.

It would be a major policy shift, and makes a lot of sense.

Glen Hiemstra is a futurist speaker, consultant, blogger, internet TV show host and founder of To arrange for a speech contact

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