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March 18th, 2009 | By Glen Hiemstra | Posted in Business & Economy | Comments Off

AIG and Future Media and Insurance

With AIG dominating the American news right now, one wonders two things.

First, the national media, and now the blog-o-sphere, increasingly behave as one – chasing the latest shark in the water. Nate Silver lays out how it happens. No question that AIG bonuses are the sharks of March 2009. But is that what matters? I wonder, what is the deeper story, and more alarmingly, might the media and blogs (and Congress) be focused on a distraction that diverts attention from more important things? I do not know for sure what those more important things may be – just wondering. The way that AIG bail out money is passed through, as Eliot Spitzer suggests? Or, the fact that AIG has many profitable businesses in actual insurance, that the company and the government are trying to save for another day.

Second, what is the future of the more prosaic business of insurance? On that I spoke a little over a week ago, to a gathering of insurance executives. To see a bit of what I said, continue to the next blog entry on the future of insurance.

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