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November 12th, 2013 | By Mallory Smith | Posted in Art & Society, New at | Comments Off

Next Up in our Sci Fi Film Series


Sunday, November 24th  at 11:15AM screening
(Doors open @ 10:45am, screening @ 11:15AM, short discussion after) Presents:
The next film in our Educated Sci-Fi Film series
This time at  Big Picture!
Join us for a “Bagels and Bloodys” screening and discussion of
“The  Hunger  Games: Catching Fire”

$15 per person includes one movie ticket, fresh bagels and cream cheese, and your choice of a either a Bloody Mary or a Mimosa.
Buy tickets online at
Big Picture is located at 2505 First Avenue.
For guests 21+ only.

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September 13th, 2013 | By Mallory Smith | Posted in Art & Society, New at, Science & Tech | Comments Off

Seattle Sci-Fi Film Series

FINAL sci-fi_movie_email_v1

New at! We are sponsoring an educated sci-fi film series at Henry & Oscar’s  in Seattle and you need to be there.  Starting September 25th at 7pm, we will be showing Blade Runner, District 9, and Hunger Games over the next few months. Each film will be hosted by a special guest who will discuss the technology and scientific topics presented in the film. So, if you want to learn the real-world applications and research being done today on the science and tech in your favorite films, come be with us! Click the image on the left to enlarge and read more details about these events. And note, if you RSVP by the day before the film, admission is free!

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May 1st, 2013 | By Glen Hiemstra | Posted in Art & Society, Business & Economy, Environment & Energy, Innovation, New at, Science & Tech | Comments Off

Fast Co.Exist welcomes Glen to their Futurist Forum

FastCo Futurists

I was pleased this spring to join 5 other leading futurists as resident advisers on the future for Fast Company and their online endeavor FastCo Exist. We are called The Futurist Forum and our task is to imagine the future. The image above is a page from the May 2013 edition of Fast Company Magazine introducing the 6 experts to the magazine’s readers.

We each will be contributing articles periodically and participating in webcasts and online conversations. You can find my initial piece here, on the future of transportation. I highlight the prospects for solar roadways and a magnetic induction system for buses from the Wave company.

Check out the other’s in this forum, as they have very interesting things to say.

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April 2nd, 2013 | By Glen Hiemstra | Posted in New at | Comments Off updated with new features

Today finished a site update with new features mostly of use to those of us who write for the site but also for readers – the best new feature is that the site now is optimized for mobile devices and will resize automatically for each device. Give that a try. Also, videos will resize for devices.

In addition there are several pages that have better layout features to make them more readable, such as the schedule page. And the home page has been streamlined to provide quicker access to key areas of interest, and to include an excerpt from the latest blog post.

With full functionality restored we will be getting back to lots of new blogging for your reading pleasure.

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January 30th, 2013 | By Glen Hiemstra | Posted in New at | Comments Off

The Future in 50 Years, 100 Years, 200 Years

On January 9, 2013 Discovery Channel Canada broadcast a short interview with me on the show Daily Planet. The questions had to do with developments that I see in 50 years, 100 years, 200 years. I did a lot of thinking prior to the interview about these time frames, and I’ll be summarizing these ideas in blogs to come, perhaps one grand article.

One question was, “what will be a breakthrough similar to the Internet in 50 and 100 and 200 years?” My thoughts began with the idea of the disappearance in 50 years of the boundary between what we now think of as the online and offline (or real) worlds. In 50 years, devices we carry or imbed will have so completely integrated these two worlds that there will only be “the world” and that world will combine the real and the virtual in a seemless and constant way.

For now, link to the 3 minute video interview here. Discovery uses some nice graphics to illustrate our conversation.

Glen Hiemstra Interviewed on Daily Planet, Discovery Channel Canada 2013

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