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Seven IT Trends for Five Years

April 27th, 2014 | Posted in Science & Tech

Our futurist friend and colleague Gerd Leonhard wrote last year about 7 digital trends for SwissNex San Francisco, a project of the Swiss Consulate in San Francisco (Gerd resides in Basel). It is a nice summary of several features of what I call a...

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Easter Rising at 98 from Charlie Pierce

April 24th, 2014 | Posted in Art & Society

As the global oligarchy absorbs an ever greater share of wealth, other winds will blow and the wheel of history will turn. This is from today’s Charlie Pierce at Esquire, and he titled it Easter Rising at 98, his “favorite version of his favorite...

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The Future of Mobility – Podcast

April 18th, 2014 | Posted in Innovation, Science & Tech

Check out my latest chat with Dave Evans, Chief Futurist at Cisco, on the future of mobility wearable technology, and the internet of everything. Listen to the podcast here. I think we are in the process of building the greatest engineering project in history....

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The Future Needs Translation

April 1st, 2014 | Posted in Art & Society, Science & Tech

In order to reach 98% of the world’s online users, businesses today must translate their content into 48 different languages. Supplying content in English limits them to about a third of the world’s consumer base, cutting them off from a $50 trillion market located...

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